Colorado Big Game Brochures Are Out


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Jun 3, 2002
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I received my big game brochure in the mail a couple of days ago and I have already sent in my applications.

Looks like things will be pretty much the same as last year. 2nd season is two days longer. Still lots of units where you can get two elk tags. Most units have a 4-point minimum for bull elk.

Deer and antelope tags are still available only through the draw.

I also applied for both mountain goats and bighorn sheep. I have three preference points for each, so I actually have a chance of drawing. Although it's a slim chance because I have no weighted preference points.

.....chances are really good of being able to blast a couple of muleys again this year without going through the draw. They don't re;ease drought management tags until after the draws......and unless we have a sudden money would be on having drought management tags again this year.....
I'll try for antelope(won't draw with only 3 points), but will only put in for preference points for elk and deer. I might try to get a muzzleloader cow tag second choice. Won't be able to burn my elk points for a couple more years, so after the draw I'll have 14.

KC, I'm in the same boat as you on sheep and goat...three points with no weights. Also the same on moose. I'm really trying to decide whether to put in for them this year or not. I won't have time to hunt this year, but really want those weights! What do you guys think? Should I risk it? I figure that if I put in, I'll just put in for the areas with the longest odds. Hmm...decisions, decisions...

Colorado Oak:

If I do get a sheep or goat tag I will have to rearrange a lot of schedules to do the kind of scouting and hunt that such a rare chance deserves. But I decided that the chances were so slim of actually drawing a sheep or goat tag with only 3 preference points, that I would risk it.

I know that it's mathematically possible to get more than one tag for sheep or goats in a lifetime. I know a guy who has taken two sheep and two goats and is working on his 3rd set of tags. But I'm 55 and the chances of getting more than one tag for each are pretty slim. So I look upon those tags as once-in-a-lifetime tags.

I haven't been collecting moose preference points. Maybe I'm too pessimistic but I know a guy who has been applying for 12 years and hasn't gotten a tag. I suppose maybe I might start applying this year. I have a cabin in North Park that is surrounded by good moose hunting. Maybe I'll get a tag before I'm 70 and then I'll have to ask someone younger to help me. Man that will hurt.

14 points for elk!!!! Man you are way ahead of me. After the draw I will have only 6. But if I had 14 I would be applying for a bull in one of the premium northwest units. I know those units take a lot of points and the number is going up, but with that many points you can probably take your pick. Maybe you're like me, the time just isn't right yet and it won't be right for a couple more years. But then I will have both the time and the money to do it right.


Please tell us about the drought management deer tags that were issued last year. I don't remember hearing anything about them.

KC what you said......put in the sheep but in the toughest draw need the weight. If you get could always draw the Tiwn Peaks Ranch in the Southest for elk!

KC......the DOW offered deer and elk tags all over the state last year as drought management. They were many and they were cheap. A resident cow was only $50 I think..and a non resident was like $200-$250 for the first drought tag cow and only $100 for the second. It been a few months but my numbers are REAL close if not exact. You could buy them in most any of the big units in the west....for deer and elk. I picked up a buck tag and could have bought two doe tags. I picked up an extra cow tag and could have had two of those as well. Me and Anaconda packed in with 4 elk tags and two deer tags between us and filled out all but one deer tag. A lot of work but worth evey minute! You had to send to Denver to get them, but could buy them right up until your hunt. They literally had thousands of extra tags and were practically giving them away.

They do it most years.....I know Oak went up year before last and could have gotten two or three cow tags for $50 each. They have some this year as well because they fell 10,000 under their harvest objective....
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