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Colorado acording to Moosie..


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Well, getting back early from my Ram hunt gave me 2 days to catch up (So I thought). Although the day before we left I found out I needed my president’s message for DHI. I started that around midnight and finished up some last min items. Going to bed at 2:30AM makes the 4AM wake up call hard.

I got to Wylee’s at 4AM and we headed to Walmart to buy some Food I didn’t have time to get and a Few Back warmers and pills for Wylee. He said something about his backpack was heavy and he tried it on the night before but I know it was his anniversary so I ain’t buying his story !!!

11 hours after leaving Boise we were in Colorado heading up a ½ lane Dirt trail. I should have taken Pictures but it was a Tight, steep, rocky road for sure. We passed 7 different rigs coming out of this place and one guy had shot a little raghorn bull.

Pulling into this parking lot there was hardly a place to park. Surprised at the people we loaded out packs and made it in just before dark and hit the hay pretty fast.

Monday morning brought us bailing off ridges glassing up canyons and looking in parks for Deer. We didn’t see much but we did hear a Few hunters doing a lame attempt at some elk calls.

We hit a patch of the only spot we knew that we could glass and we watched for deer. I was on one side and Wylee was on the other. There was a buck on his side worth video taping so I radioed him to take a picture of it. He worked his way over to it but couldn’t find it. Prior to that we were able to see some Elk though. At my vantage I saw one and he saw 2 different ones at his view a bit lower down in the canyon.


It was getting right at dark when I stopped watching the canyon for a min and looked right to my Left when I saw this Buck walking up. It was behind some branches and I repositioned myself waiting for it. I knew it wasn’t anything big but didn’t know what size it was. Seeing the thick terrain I knew I wouldn’t have many shots so I waited for it to pop out. It never did and I looked back down to my left and it was facing me in the shadows. I lined up the Gun and let ‘er rip. After the Smoke from the muzzleloader cleared I saw it hobbling through the trees. Then I wondered if I shot a Super dink. Both ways it would have to wait till morning with the weather coming in and it being close to dark now. I didn’t want to bump it far.

The night was long with me wondering about finding it with the rain pounding on the tent and us knowing a blood trail wouldn’t be an option. Hours upon hours the rain fell and I tried to sleep what I could.

Before daylight the next morning we headed out. We got to the canyon and saw a yote coming out of the canyon then a Bugle right in front of us. It wasn’t a Fake one but a real one followed by another from the same guy. We snuck in and videoed the guy. The cows busted us right off but never left until I started making fake cow calls and grunting noises. When they left they bailed right into the area we were going.
We got to were I pulled the trigger and saw another yote. Kind of cool seeing game but we wanted to see deer or find my deer from the night before.




We got to were it was first hit and saw no sign. Rain had washed it all away. Wylee and me split up and Started walking slowly in the direction it had gone. After 20 steps I could smell it. I knew it wasn’t far. As we rounded the next bush I saw that the ‘yotes had found it prior eating the Belly open and Half the Left back quarter. Dam stinking dogs anyways !!!!!


We found a little buck up the canyon that Wylee tried to get on but with the Thick cover and Wind howling 100 Miles an hour all the time it was to no avail.

That night brought us nothing but a lot of hiking and glassing. The next day a bit more of the same. With Wylee having blood dripping from his toes and us both being a bit tiered we decided to call it a hunt and head home.

We packed out our gear then went back in and pack the deer out. We made it to Ft. Collins for a Quick Hi to Colorado Oaks house and got to take a well needed shower. Had a quick bite to eat with him and His Lovely girlfriend (Soon to be wife, or it better be, she is a keeper for sure !!!!!) and then at 9PM headed back to Boise.

Now the Trip home was great. After downing 1 chocolate shake and 3 cokes at Applebee’s and some Steak and Chicken it was hard to sleep. But I finally got a ½ hour nap around the 1:30AM mark. Then Wylee caught about the same sleep but was awoken by me flipping through all the stations on the radio singing to each song finding out how many I knew. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about (HEHE).

So with hours of singing heavy, country, R&B, and pop we were to arrive home just before Rush hour. Wives were Excited and Kids were ecstatic. Now with rest caught up it’s time to plan the next outing !!!!!!
Here is the Deer :



the Deer had some Weird brown hair on it... We're not sure f it was summer hair that neveer feww off or just what a Colorado deer looks like in that area. Either way we took a few pictures. If anyone knows fill me in please. First pic is behind the neck and 2nd is behind the Left leg :



Here is a Doe we saw at a Long ways off :


We also had a cut up party visitor with us at all times :


If someone was going to question if it was a 4x4 and not a 3x4 look at what I'm pointing at... It's 1 1/4" long baby !! HEHE :


And it wouldn't be complete without a Picture like this !!!!

The hair is a little troubling. Maybe part sasquache?LOL Really though it looks like he just hasn't shed all of his summer hair.
Good job Moosie, nice pictures and story. You ended up with more than most of the hunters came home with.
Speedy ???!? Shhhhhh... thats just when I was Drivin ;)

FUN ?!?!?! HEHE.... You want to know the Funniest part I remember ?!?

Picture this, a 6 point bull walks 110 yards below Wylee and Beds down. So he gets up to check out a Buck to Video tape and the Elk Blows out from right below him. He says over the Radio...

"Moosie, something just busted out below me !!!!!"

I reply....

"Hehe.. You said BLOW ME" :D :D

Although Wylee likes my humor at times, he wanted to see this buck and I think might have beeen a "HAIR" upset at my comment. that being said he still had to giggle ;)

FUN ?!?!?! Thats what it's ALL about my Friend !!!! the day I go out and don't have any, Is the last day I go out.........

(thanx for the Kudos GUYS !!!!)
It was a speedy, fun trip, minus the bloody toes from the boots.

I would have to call BS on Moosies funniest part though. It was right after the "blow me" part over the radios. He was picking up radio chatter from another group of hunters. Moosie calls on the radio "Hey are you guys the guys from Minnesota?"

I said "Aye"

Moosie askes another question.

I say "Aye"

Now Moosie asks how I'm doing.

I say "I'm just f##ing with ya, Aye, BUUUAHAHAHHAHAHA its just me."

Now that was funny.

Congrats on the buck Moosie.
LOL DelW, I actually pulled something in my back on the Sheep hunt. I can Still feel it as I sit here. That being said, I have several Picture Ideas and a Long Idaho Season.... Buuahahaha !!!

T-bone, Charmed or Lucky ;)
I have 2 freezers.. And still giving meat away (As I duck because some one is going to throw somethnig at me ;) )

The funny thing on Wylee's post is we heard the guys from Minnisota on the Radio. I could tell by their Accent they had. I'm guessing We could hear them but they couldn't hear us. One must have been dang close at last light because I heard him clear. I figure I'd be friendly and start up a Friendly Howdo ya do .. ehh ? And When I did they Responded.. eh ? It took about 3 questions for me to realise that over the Radio and Wind howling and me hiking that my new Minnisota friend that said "Eh ?" all the time was really a "Wylee" wolf in sheep clothing ;)

I felt as silly as being Bugled in by another hunter
Nice pics, Moosie. Thanks for dinner...I'll let you do it again someday!
(Soon to be wife, or it better be, she is a keeper for sure !!!!!)
Yeah, probably by this time next year. ;)

I didn't notice when I saw the video of that bull that he's only a 5x6 (missing the G-3 on the left). Nice bull anyway.

Good EYE
(On the girl and bull :D ) Just plan around the hunting season, don't goof that one up ;)

YAH, It looked like it was missing it's G3's. But I wouldn't have blinkd shooting it. MAybe it seemed big because we were so close.... Or maybe it was just big
Big Congrats to you! you'll have to come back and do it again. This time let me buy you a beer. Congrats again