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Apr 6, 2013
Sage Brush to Corn Fields
I had a great trip this year. My buddy and I never could get a bull, but I got my cow Friday Morning. I was able to find an area of a CPW property that actually crossed the road for a couple hundred yards by using my onXmaps map chips for my GPS. All the other guys where parking up in the main parking lot and would have had a several mile walk in to get to where I was. My buddy and I had the whole place to our selves. We starting walking in about 20 min before legal shooting light. As we stopped to catch our breath half way up the hill we heard crunching in the snow, and of course it was a heard of elk gettin the hell outta town. I cow called and it somewhat turned the heard and I was able to get one cow to come in at about 60 yrds. Unfortunately, it was 6:13, 7 min before legal shooting light. All I could do was watch her walk away. I got to a spot where I could see a good distance and posted up, while my buddy continued up the hill. At about 7:30 I noticed a heard of 5 cows and a spike that seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Man they were spooky. The elk would take a few steps, look for a few minutes, then repeat. I was able to be patient and let them get to about 100 yards. They disappeared into some cedars and I got nervous and cow called. Big mistake. The elk bailed out of there and I took an off hand shot at a cow, clean miss, dumb on my part. Now the elk where really moving. Moving quickly, I got set up and took a rest just as one of the cows stopped at 379 yards quartering away from me. I held just below the top of her spine and sent a 130 GR TTSX on its way. The bullet entered in at the back of the ribs and it angled up into the lungs. She went about 40 yrds and piled up. Big thanks to my buddy for helping me get the elk off the hill, and a huge thanks to my bride for not putting up to much of a fuss about me going hunting for deer/elk this year a week after our second son was born. He is 3 weeks old today.
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Dec 20, 2000

Just be sure to make it clear to her that it was for her. The meat will allow her to regain her strength... ;)

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