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Dec 17, 2000
Anyone going caribou hunting this year?
If so where?
We're going to NWT, out of Yellowknife. Our outfitter called yesterday to get some info, what a nice interruption at work!

My hunting partners and I are considering Caribou as well as an elk trip. How did you come to decide on NWT? How does that hunt compare to the central barren ground variety? I know you will have a good hunt, but the waiting is agony isn't it?


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Tentatively planing on next year, but have no idea weither to go to Alaska or somewhere in Canada, any suggestions???
Westman - yes the waiting is agony!!

We decided on NWT because we've been to Quebec and Newfoundland already, and want to pursue the Central Canadian Barren Ground caribou next. Also, though the herds are migratory there, it sounds like you're much less likely to "miss the migration" and get skunked, which can and does happen in Quebec. The prices are similar to Quebec, maybe a little more. Of course the variable is airfare. We were able to drive to Montreal before, whereas we just bought 900.00 plane tickets to get to Yellowknife..... :eek:

Wylee - haven't hunted Alaska yet. It sounds like in general it can be less expensive and more do it yourself. Since my father in law is pushing 70, we wanted to go on a more outfitted hunt. See my note above on Quebec. We had one successful hunt there and one not. Both trips were fun, but if you get out on that tundra and see nothing for a week it can get a little old. Not sure where you're from but if you live in the east I'd also consider Newfoundland. The herds are resident, NOT migratory. So if you go on a 7 day hunt there your odds of getting a nice bou are pretty good. The antlers there average smaller than most others, but any bou antlers are pretty nice

If either of you have questions on the outfitters we've used, let me know.
Yep, been there and done that. Will be doing it again this year. Gets a little tiresome after a while. All them majestic bulls. Ugliest darn thing in the world, a bull Caribou with velvet hanging from all directions of his antlers. And they are just about this goofy looking :eek:
We are going to the south end of kodiak for deer and hopefully caribou. The bou are there, they are just alot harder to find.

Every year I try to hit the mulchatna herd, but this year I'm not gonna do it ( I think).
Good Luck Reggae, and I know youll have alot of fun!!! I still have a hunt coming to me in Alaska but havent decided yet whther caribou is gonna be part of it or not!!! I think i will be able to go next fall 2002. John, I might be ready for another trip to alaska in five years and I would love to go with ya!!! Westman and the rest of ya here good luck also. Alaska is one place alot of folks dream about going for a hunt. I never really considered Canada, because I always was hung up on aLASKA. :D bcat
I am going to do a carabiou, moose, maybe a black bear first over there because a guide is not required. In about 10 years I will try for a sheep and maybe a grizly/brown bear.

Htrjohn, I would be very interestedin going in five years. By then I should be in the financial situation to go, so if we could get 4-6 of us to go together it would be a great trip.If Bcat could go that makes 3 of us. Let me know.
Allen, this is what I have heard. Sounds very affordable. May be a little more in 4 or 5 years but probably still affordable. Main thing for me is I just want to see Alaska once in my life and the hunting would be the bonus, hunting the caribou.
I think we ought to tentatively plan on it. Maybe five years is too long tho!!! :D :D I am going next year for sure cause I have to collect my end of the hunt. I bet I could make arrangements for close to Allens price, or he might be able to help out on it, and still do it together. Five years is a long time guys!! Whats a grand or two, we cant take it with us!!! If we dont have any circumcisions to pay for we all oughtto be able to swing it!! :D :D bcat

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BCat - We'll do Alaska sooner or later too. So many places, so little time and money......

I've heard the Alaska fly-in can run around 1000.00. Lower 48 hunters have to fly up there. Then also add lodging in Alaska before/after the hunt. Food, supplies, shipping (meat, antlers, capes), misc.
Maybe a visit to the Bush Company... :D :D

Most people say you should count on 2,500-3,500.00 when it's all said and done.

If you go to the Alaska link at this site, the guy has a lot of detailed info on a fly in Alaska Caribou hunt:[/url]

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Sooner is better than later. Fivce years is too long, and if things go well I could possibly afford it in a year or two so I defintiely would like to talk about it in the near future. Mt dream of Wyoming is being realized this fall and Alaska was the other dream. Would and could be fun. :cool:
2002 sounds like fun. I have no idea what it cost to fly from California to any part of Alaska. I do know that Alaska Airlines flies out of San Fran and Oakland.

Charter for a Beaver would probably run about $900 per trip. 4 people could go in in 1 trip possibly. 2 or 3 trips to get everybody and they're animals out.

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