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Can't get the pictures to show

Gun Dog

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Sep 8, 2002
All of you guy that post pictures. On my computer they show up as a white box with a red x inside. When I click on them they don't do anything. How can I get them so I can see? HELP?
You arent seeing anyones pictures??? That makes no sense. IF they are showing on the thread they should show on your computer. SOmetimes you have to hit "refresh" and they will show up?

Good Luck
Where are you checking us out from Gun Dog? Perhaps from work or a dorm or something like that. Some internet connections are heavily filtered. Since these pics come through as links to other sites, perhaps these other sites are on your filters no-no list. Still doesn't explain why you would be able to see this site though. :D ;)
To get the pictures to show up on mine I had to hold down the ctrl key while depressing my refesh button. Some were slow coming on but they did. When one would not come up I would do it again and it showed. Hope this works, WH
Is it all websites or just this one?
If it is all websites, click on Tools, Internet Options then Advanced. Scoll down to Multimedia and make sure it is checked to show pictures. If it is not checked, check it and hit apply, then OK.

Try doing a right click them and then click on show picture.
I tried those things and it still does not work. Yes there is a filter but I bypassed it. I've had this trouble for years but never let it bother me. Now when I miss the elk pictures it needs to be fixed. Our Tech person said it should read and can not figure it out. He said try sending bitmap.pmp what ever that means. When people email me the pictures I see them fine. WHat site hosts the pictures I will try to see them there.
All the pics are hosted in different places. Do a right click on the picture, or in your case the red x, and you can get the url of the picture. Copy and paste that url in your address bar and maybe it will pull it up for you.

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