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Aug 4, 2014
Huntsville, AL
Went out for the last day of small game hunting today, and came up with a big nada. It was cold, there was still lots of snow on the ground, and a bit windy so that likely had something to do with the outcome -this is Alabama after all, snow shuts everything here down. No rabbit stew for us this year.

This trip did afford me the ability to do some camo testing while afield, and the pictures may interest some of you here. As I was getting ready for my elk hunt this year I needed a camo system upgrade. I found the ASAT pattern during this time, and it was the most different pattern I had ever seen. After much research, I purchased an ASAT leafy suit this year, but have limited work with it in the field thus far. Turkey season should change that, however. I have also begun the process to change all my hunting clothes out from cotton to a layering system of merino wool or wicking material.

In the pictures below I am wearing a Realtree Xtra bottom which is a Gander Mountian Guide Series wx resistant polyester outer shell. In the first photo, the pants are paired with a First Lite XD ASAT top, and the second photo is a First Lite Fusion top. I also refinished the pictures into black and white, in an approximation of the limited color range deer and elk may see.

Location is a typical North Alabama public forrest, with a mix of planted pines and hardwoods. This was a clear, very cold morning approximately 0800.



Black and White ASAT:

B&W Fusion: *
Black and white pics was going to be my suggestion before I finished scrolling down. I always buy whatever is cheapest and breaks up my outline best. Color doesn't really matter much, all of those overpriced camo patterns are made to be apealling to our human eyes.

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