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Calling all Elk


New member
Jan 8, 2001
Sammamish WA
Hi all,

I finally got moved to WA. To late for the hunting season so I'll be headed elswhere this year.

I wanted to ask all you WA hunters where I might be able to go and talk to some elk during the next few weeks. I need to go somewhere close since I can only go for a day at a time (ya, I know, good luck).

I live in Sammamish. So if anyone has any ideas of where I can go for a day at a time and start looking around for next year. I would appreciate it.

Good luck to all,

Hi Fullabull. Welcome to Washington. I have been working in Sammamish at Ingelwood High School, Rebuilding the sports field. I will be there Friday if you are able to stop by. ?? I am new to Elk hunting also, Kraven is getting me into it this year. I got him into turkey hunting so he is returning the favor. There are some Elk up around Concrete but they spend alot of time at the refuge. You might be able to locate them in the hills but there are a lot of bear hunters around there now. Come by the High School or drop me a message, maybe I can help ya out.... Cameron
Thanks Cameron, I will try and make it by tomorrow. I'll see how work goes and if I can take a few minutes to stop by and say hay.