Calif. app. is in the mail


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Dec 23, 2000
Thats right, Calif. ELK. I put in for the one herd of Rockt Mt. elk up in the northern part of the state. The latest issue of Trophy hunter has a story about a 380+ bull from that herd.
Az. is already in, still waiting on N.M & Nevada.
Do ya think it will help is I hold my breath till I draw a good tag ?
All you have to do is hold your breath? Damn..I thought I was going to have to piss on an electric fence. I'm thinking about sacrificing a chicken or something over here...but really all I need to do is win a lottery and I can just buy one of those Private Land Vouchers. LOL

Piss on a electric fence or sacrifice a chicken ? Sounds like the same thing to me !
Tell you what, I'll do the chicken & you do the fence, and we'll go a hunting !
I'm waiting to see if I'll draw an AZ muzzy hunt. I almost said smoke pole, but I know some of you guys! LOL!

Odds are I'll be back in Northen Idaho! Can't complain about that!
Good luck on your drawing guy's....
Yeah, and I put in for Tule Elk, NE Antelope and, of course, Nelson Bighorn sheep. Good luck to all the Calif hopefuls. At least now our $7 application fee gets us a point. :rolleyes:
I think, with the new points system, thoses of us that started the first year will be pulling some good tags in the next five years.
(yes Martha, there are some good tags in Kalifornia)