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Busy week, lot's of bucks

Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
I'm about worn out. I'd hardly had anyone come out and deer hunt this year, but it seems everyone wanted to show up the same week. I had 6 or 7 other guys that wanted to come out this past week but I had to turn them down. Glad I did as I pretty much hit my limit. It was a fun week, but I'm ready for a little break. Early in the week Moosie shows up from nowhere and he gets this buck

Later in the day, and it the spirit of the hunt I end my hunt with this buck.

Flash forward a few days. A buddy of mine comes out from North Carolina to hunt. I'd known he was coming for quite sometime and he was actually supposed to have another friend of mine with him. However the other guy became seriously sick (not sure if he'll make it kind of sick) and had to cancel. Anyway I told my buddy Eric that we'd have his deer on the ground by 10:00am the next morning. I don't think he believed me because we've hunted together before and he's gone a bunch of days without seeing anything to fire a shot at. However he had never been out here during the rut before. It really does make a difference. By 7:45am the next morning we were taking photos of this buck. His best ever.

There was another buck in the herd with the above buck and I hoped that he would still be there the next day so my son could get a crack at him. Sure enough the next morning around 7:10 my son did get a shot or two, or three, or..., bottom line he finished what he started and it was photo time.

It's been a good week, but I'm taking this week off. Thanksgiving week I'll try and fill a couple doe tags and not get too serious. Good luck to all that have tags left.
Good job i've always wanted to try mule deer hunting it looks like fun but i live in tennessse and we hunt white-tail deer around here