Buffalo peaks wilderness


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Dec 20, 2011
Any body got any POSITIVE info on elk hunting the buffalo peaks wilderness? I'm using my points this year on a first season rifle tag. I'll be taking my horse and pack mule, and plan on staying in the wilderness. Thanks in advance!
The numbers look good on paper. I looked at that unit when I was on the front range, but decided I wanted a unit I could hunt every year.
If you go, I'd like to hear about it.

I love the name (I know that's stupid) and it looks good from the road to the east. I've driven by often when we go thrash South Park in middle school basketball (I live about 45 minutes from there) and every time it's a place that makes me go "hmmmm?" There's enough elk in there to have a road kill velvet raghorn in the ditch to the east one summer. Maybe it's time for a hike.
Yes, it does look good on paper. There's not really any point in me saving points anymore. The next hunts take like 6 more years worth of points! I'm going to be a three point max guy after this year! I have 9, I hope it's enough.