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Boquillas Ranch.. Arizona Unit 10


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Dec 18, 2000
Mesa, AZ
As of Thursday morning at 10:15, Big Boquillas Ranch was effectively closed to the public. A conversation with Tim Pender, AZGF ranger for that area says that the ranch may or may not reopen. If that ranch stays closed, the other ranches in the area will close also because they cannot hold the 2800+ hunters that will be in the area.

There was a second meeting Friday morning between the AZGF and the Navajo nation to discuss the closing. The reasons given for the closing are trash left by hunters and campers, damage to ranch property by off road vehicles driving across open range, beer and pop cans burned in fire pits and left, and general harassment of live stock.

If all of the ranches close, Unit 10 will be reduced to approx. 15% of the total area open to hunters.

For more information, contact the AZGF office in Kingman.

AZGF has no information on this At all, They also have no jurisdiction.
I talked to them 2 weeks ago(kingman office).The only people that know any information is the najavo indian tribe.
They asked that you dont call them and call the navajo tribe. or they will point you to them.

They started locking gates 2 months ago in certain areas, then locked all of them 3 weeks ago.
The tribe started unlocking gates yesterday and thursday, it will take a few days to get them all unlocked.

The main reason for closure was due to shed hunters, running all over the property with trucks and quads looking for sheds.

Its only the indian reservation ranch that is closed, no other ranchs are going to close there gates (thats all rumor) while the ranch is a good chunk of unit 10 there is still 40-50% of the unit that is not own by navajo res. only about 20% of the elk herd in unit 10 is on that property more get on it when it snows heaviely and after all the hunts are over.

There is not 2800+ hunters in that unit at one time, at the most there would be 700 cow tags in early nov, 350 bull tags a week or 2 later . and archery. starting in 2 weeks at the most it would be 700 hunters at one time.


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but its not the legal guys on the roads its the dipshits that drive through the medows and grass lands.

I was going to say that, but figured buzz or someone would pick up on it first.

but these are just not atv riders they are trucks as well.

Yeah, I was surprised it didn't get picked up on faster :D
I have no problem with the legal riders myself, it's the morons who tear down my fence, rip up my pasture and run the weight off our cattle that need to lose thier lives.
Del, I was on the ranch 5 weeks ago and everything was open. I talked with Tim Friday morning and the information I gave is what was communicated to me. What's up? You know Tim Pender, you have his phone number. Call him and talk with him..
Granted the situation is dynamic and may have changed since you looked into it, but this info was current when I posted it. G&F does have information and they will share it.
I have a good friend hunting it and scouting it.
it was opened thursday aroud noon.

he went out there a while ago and everything was locked up. thats when I called G&F in kingman.

Um I dont know maybe the gates that tim knew were still locked. game and fish had no information on it when I talked to them.