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Dec 10, 2000
Well my first field trial didn't go so good...
My brace didn't jump a rabbit in the full 20 minutes so my dog didn't get scored. After a night of sleeping in the truck for 2 hours I was pretty disgusted. I got back to the clubhouse to find out my dad made the second round w/ his beagle. They ran them off and he made the third round. He didn't make the final round but he placed 3rd out of twenty dogs. I had a good time, I just wish my dog would have gotten to run. I aint to sure that my dog is not a little better than dad's. We met some really nice people and had a good time. We are going to go to another one in May and try it again.
Better luck next time Boomer!!! I have never been to field trials but have ran my dogs with people that go all the time. They have tried to convince me it would be fun, but I just have too much to do around here to justify going. Better luck next time, glad ya had fun, thats the main thing.bcat

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Better Luck next time Boomer. I can give you some advice on trialing if you want to hear it. Just remember that trialing is trialing ,not hunting.No matter how much they say it is to show hunting ability, trialing and hunting are 2 different things.
I have seen excellent field champion dogs that were super to shoot bunnies over.I have also seen many that werent worth a nickel to gun over. I have seen the best gun dogs that wouldnt even run in a trial.
Trialing is competition.The object is to have a dog that can compete and win trophys.If it wasnt,people would just run for personal pleasure only.I am not knocking trialing at all.It is great for those that like it and except it for what it is but it is not always the measure of a good hunting dog.
I guess there were 2 things that I would tell you.The other is that every day can be different at trials. I have won a large pack licensed trial on one Sat,with 70 dogs competeing, and blown away the competiton. The next sat I was the first dog thrown out.Keep at it and Boomer and have fun but just remember if your dog suits you that is all that matters.
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