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Jan 4, 2001
Do you believe in bigfoot, if you do whats your theory on what he is and why we cant prove he exists. I have had two strange accounts but never actually saw anything, one was a wierd calling yell type noise through the timber about 150 yards away after dark and it wasnt anything ive ever heard , and my bro, whom I believe without a doubt, saw one. I would like to hear your stories.
Ya know I have seen one becuase I posted the picture on this forum dont you remeber?

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I have kind of a diff. story. I have always believed in the big foot. When I was about 15 years old me and my dad were bow hunting in Montana. We started before light up this canyon, when we got to are spot we still had about 1 hour before the sun came up so we just sat down for a little bit. After about 10 min. we herd a sound like someone was saying hayyyyy about 200 yards from use but we could not see or hear anyone walking around. About 30 sec. later at the top of the canyon we herd the same thing but diff. tone.After the hunt that morning we came back home and told everyone what had happened. My aunt found a book that said it was a mountain mouse bull #!*&, no mouse can make that noise it was to clear. And their was no wind, failed to tell you that. you tell me, what was it.
Mini Moose, You should send me that picture of your dad when His shirt was off and your mom was cutting his HAir off so I could scan it and post it here.........

That's a hairy bigfoot with little feet if I ever saw one

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No,I don't believe in bigfoot. If you ever hear a bobcat in the woods it will scare the crap out of you. They let out a screeching sound that sends chills up your back.,i dont think there is such an guys know where this rumor started dont you?.........let me give you a hint......mushrooms, wonder they were seeing things......................JB

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here in fla. we have "Swamp cabbage man" !!! there this guy that claims to have seen him!!!! he sits in elevated tripod stand in the sawgrass swamps ,says he seen him more than once?!?!? he's supposed to live in the swamps around central fla. the guy that claims to have seen him runs an airboat tour company!!hmmmmmmm marketing gimmick!! dahhhhh
i crack-up when peolple start talking about "the chance to see swamp cabbage man" tourists eat that stuff up like you wouldnt beleieve! i think he needs to lay off the ole "swamp cabbage" myself!!

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See guys, of course there is a bigfoot.
You have to get prepared first though.
Like DKO says, down here it starts with
"swamp cabbage" Well for ya'll out west.
You start with Peyote!

We will have to ask JB CORP what to use in the North East is it shrooms .....
I mean mushrooms?
no we dont have that here....this reminded me of a place where my father would take me and my two brothers to eat after hunting......we would go to this little restaurant that was pretty nasty...the lady that would cook was hideous looking...she had harry arm-pits,nasty yellow and brown teeth and ugly as the day is long...i remember one time she had the spatchlet between a armpitt...i am getting the dry heaves thinking about it...i think my father liked torturing us and thats why he kept taking us there.....we nick-named her the "squall"...for years it was something that me and my brothers would bet on....for example"if you loose you have to kiss the squall"and all sorts of other innuendos that i cant share with you...anyway,thought i would share that with you guys......JB
I hope you don't mind the following story. I found it at a metal detection forum a couple of years back, so it is not mine. However, it is so well written that I had to save it. I hope it will make you laugh, because whoever wrote it is good telling stories.

Speaking of Bigfoot

Posted by Robert M Oregon
February 05, 1999 at 11:19:57

We Northwesterners have wondered for quite some time why the Pacific Northwest is the habitat of Bigfoot. Scientific evidence has recently come to light that shows these creatures have developed their large feet as a result of an evolutionary trend due mainly to climate conditions.

The rainy conditions that causes a layer of mud to cover much of the terrain, it has been discovered, has caused an adaptation to occur which allows Bigfoot to walk on the surface without becoming mired ankle deep and therefore stranded in the rush of oncoming mudslides. (This is supported by evidence of sightings of the Yeti, or more commonly, the Abominable Snowman, in the Himalayas whose feet have grown to snowshoe size proportions. They are able then to scamper away from oncoming avalanches.)

Fossils have been found of a creature that pre-dates Bigfoot. This animal was known as Patella Rex-literally, King Kneecap. Big Knee ruled the Northwest Rainforests when the climate was even wetter, and the mud was knee deep. Again, Indian legend speaks of Big Knee with awe and reverence. Unfortunately, most records of this monster were lost in the Y1K heiroglyphics crash when the bark libraries were demolished by the now extinct Bark Bug.

Scientists and other explorers are excited however, by the recent discovery of two large smooth indentations nearly eight feet across found in a sample of slaty mudstone that appear to even predate Big Knee. One of the researcers was quoted as saying, "This discovery clearly indicates the effect of climate on the evolutionary trend that leads us to Bigfoot. The Pacific Northwest was even wetter in the past, and we now have proof of the existence and origin of Big Butt."
Nah...A person on drugs could never understand and intellectual "geologist's" mind like Mr. Oregon's. He is just a very respectful guy, who is always very helpful to miners, hunters, or anybody else. Happiness has nothing to do with drugs.
It isn't about drugs or happiness but about people who actually believe that crap!
Thanks for all the replies so far, I kinda gather most of you dont think it exists.
I dont think any real,undisputable proof will ever be found. Why you ask, because I think theres something extra terrestrial about the bigfoot, and no im not on crack .
A possible theory is that bigfoot is like a big brother to our environment, maybe they are sent here through some kind of warp to check how bad we are trashing our natural resourses,and keep tabs on it. Maybe they cant be seen when they dont want to be seen.
Or possibly he's just a big ape that outsmarts us and keeps to himself, there are spots here in the pacific northwest that still havent been seen by humans , maybe those spots are his home range and weve just seen him on the outskirts of that range.
Any way im really not a freak (honest) its just kind of exciting to be out hunting , scouting or fishing and know that there is a possibility of having some kind of new experience or something really exciting happen . You just never know.

P.S. I wouldnt shoot one , I wouldnt want to be responsible for starting an inter gallactic war.

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Nothing wrong with what you believe on. My post about "Big Butt" meant to be funny, and I hope you liked it.

By the way, when sleep in my tent during moose season, the only "big foot" that worries me is "big grizzly bear" in the middle of the night.
What is the difference between a smart woman and Bigfoot ?

Bigfoot has been spotted.

HEhehe I just got done in the Fireside with Left Behind.. Figure I would Post somehting here.....

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