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Dec 16, 2000
Hollister, California, USA
Haven't been out much lately, lots of overtime at work and calf branding at the ranch....etc. I'll see what comes out of my next roll, which I been too lazy to take in. I saw a huge boar last Friday and a herd of about 15 smaller ones.
Bigtusker, got your email. thanks. Next trip for me after my Wyoming hunt will be down there. Talk to you later.
Moosie, I ain't that good with a rope. I barely got him with a 16x camera. There were 3-4 in front of him though if you want to come down for some hog hunting. I'm going after an axis buck this weekend with my longbow, to start anyway. I'd love to post a picture of a monster taken with a good shot. But, a few years ago I took 3 arrows to get one spike buck. I always say it was me and an Indian tribe that got him. One of my friends keeps asking to see my semi-automatic bow. I'll get this axis, eventually, maybe with one of them modern compounds, maybe even with a rifle, but I hope its the longbow. What a thrill that would be!
Do I need luck like that? First, he didn't get a deer hunting. Then he hit one with a truck or it hit him. Then he knifes it and watches it. Then he has somebody else shoot it because he didn't have his gun. Then he gives it to them. That was his lucky day, right? I try to forget days like that. I just remembered one of my lucky days. My jeep broke down right before a spring turkey hunt. So, I get a rental, I really wanted to hunt. On the way to hunting I put a $500 dent in the rental backing into a post. Oh well, what can I do now. I just go hunt. At least I wasn't bit by a rattlesnake or robbed, I did it all myself. It was a dent in the rear door, so I could still get in and out of the car and the trunk while on the hunt. Pretty lucky, huh?

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