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Big Sky Sporting Clays


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Feb 5, 2024
Anyone here interested in shooting sporting clays in Polson, MT?
Big Sky Sporting Clays is not open yet, but hopefully soon.
I often shoot solo because I'm relatively new to the area...
I like to embarrass myself at Big Sky a few times year! Best sporting clays range around I think.
Once it opens, I go at least once a week as it is so close to home.

I often go at 10am on Thursday or Friday and shoot one shot at each target.
Once I get to a missed target, I shoot it until I can hit 3 times in a row, then move on.
That helped me improve substantially.
I hope the new owner intends to keep the sporting clays ranges public! They have the best simulation of bird hunting I have seen in the northwestern US.
My guess is the staff was mostly family and not a profit-making business being open Thurs-Sundays and having 2 courses.
I shot there at least once a week when it was open and to me it was the most fun shooting a shotgun I've ever had...
way 100 times more fun than trap or skeet shooting which becomes routine.
I’m hoping to move to Missoula by the end of the year. I’m currently in Maine where we have a great sporting clays facility that hold monthly tournaments.

I’m hoping Big Sky Sporting Clays stays open. I’d love to shoot with y’all once we get out there.
I used to work summers out of Allagash. Reminded me of interior Alaska. Canoed a different river every weekend. Also lived in Durham NH and always went to Kittery for lobster dinners. Great memories.
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