Best US state to try 4 moose tag?


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May 30, 2002
Albuquerque,NM USA
Out of the few states that have a lottery for moose, which do you think has the best chance? Or just go to Canada? Thanks
If you can afford it I would just go to Canada. But if not then I would be applying in Maine and New Hampshire. New Hampshies forms are out right now and it cost $10.00 to get into the lottery. And theres plenty of moose also in both of these states. Bill
When I lived in Idaho, I applied 1 time and got a moose tag. When I moved to Montana, I applied 2 times and got a moose tag. So I would say Idaho has better odds for drawing a moose. At least for me!

Alaska, hands down.
No draw for vast majority of moose hunts. Lots of bulls in most areas.
No guide requirement(but it helps).

If you're talking specifically the lower 48, say for Shiras Moose then I don't know.
I've only seen moose in Idaho. Lots of little paddle horn bulls. The real big mature bulls are there....

Are the moose in Alberta Shiras or Canadian?
as far as I understand, Alberta has 3 sub-species. Some pockets of Shiras along the US border and Ak-Yuk in the north west but the bulk are Canadian.

Maybe YH has better info