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Dec 9, 2000
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I just cut a Deal with :

Groove Bullets - Get in the Groove

Anyone have anythnig to say about his Bullets ? If they don't want to Air it Publically they can PM me

Sorry Shakey but I'm getting the Scoop on ya from the guys that tell all ;)
What few reports I've heard about them have been favorable. They are basically the predicessor (sp) of the Barnes Triple Shock. I'm sure they would work just fine. The only down side I could find to them is the copper fouling... make sure your tube is squeeky clean before you start shooting them. And then plan on cleaning about every 25 shots and for a major overhaul cleaning about every 100... Good luck if you go with em What do you care anyway you shoot moose with Match Kings?
Alright, I didn't get the Grove Bullets in time to Load and mess with them... SO I did something else.

I went (although it wasn't suggested by all) to a lesser grain bullet then my 190's. I am now shooting 150 Grain Sierra Pro-hunter Sort point.Velosity at Muzz is 3,280 and I'll "0" it in around 200 YArds (ish), (ish meaning 350 ;) ) . I am Also going to shoot this calliber for Deer and Elk this fall. Would someone please tell me this bullet sucks and I can't kill anything with it :D

I figure if I can Kill game with MAtchkings, I can with sierra's ?!!? :D

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I only use hornys or lapua Oscar, but I don't think it matters to much, I would have thought the best BC and SD for the 30 calibre was in the 180 gn projectile size .
Do they group alright?
I often hear people buy a bullet and try make the rifle digest it, rather than try several in several loads and establish which your gun shoots the best.
I've always bben a Nosler partition guy myself.
My 2 cents worth
Well it depends who you ask if they group alright.... Some people wouldn't be happy with this group but I definately am. I'm not sold on the 1" group at 300 Yards. I know fuggers like that which can't hit anything in the field.

This first group is at 100 yards. We don't have the Fancy bench's and such being the Cheap rednecks but if you consider the Vital size It's good (Disregard the Left Flinch ;) :


this second group is out at 200 YArds...... Alot of people think It's too high to be sighting in but it works for me. It's about 1" average higher then the 100 YArd group.


Any thoughts from the Experts ? MAybe I could tell you the Wind Temps and what angle the Sun was out at ;)

How the Hell do you get your bullet to rise between 100 yards and 200 yards????

Have you ever heard of Gravity????? Or did you turn your targets upside down???

If that second target is off a bad rest at 200 yards there isn't a safe sheep within 400 yards of you and you don't need to be shooting any farther than that anyway. Stop showing the 100 yard paper---it looks bad.

Gravity ? Hell I don't know.... MAybe I posted them BAckwards.... I thought thgat was Funny too. What the Hell do I know. I kill Chit with MAtchKings ;) At any rate. This Sunday I'll see were they are at at 300 and 400 yards if I can MAke it back out. All I really care about is they are lined up mostly Left and Right. Everything else is a Guess when Shooting at a Running Ram at 750 Yards anyways right ?!?!

I can't believe I even Sighted that thing in, I usually "Dust and Adjust" in the Field. It works AWESOME ;)
d12 (I know you're D13 but D12 is one of my favorite bands ;) ), I don't only show My good Side, I show all the Sides. Thats how I shot at 100 Yards with my first group. I have a 2nd group thats better at 100 yards but it wasn't my first group so I didn't post it.

I don't want to say we had a bad rest. It's not like it was Free hand or anything, But it was a home made jobby.

PS, The 4-H directorrr said I couldn't get within 400 YArds of any Sheep, It was a High School restraining order they put on me in 14 states, but I'm hoping that has Lapsed and I can Close the gap a little now ;)
BUUUAHAH !! YAH, but that was with a Shotgun and it didn't go anywere either ;) I didn't realise that Bear bait sheep would take such a pounding ...
Oscar doesn't shoot anything close, usually - unless it is a Texas Dall that refuses to die - so the 150 gr bullet should work fine. I'd worry about it at less than 100 yards at 3280 FPS, though - Sierras are not tough bullets.
Originally posted by Calif. Hunter:
Oscar doesn't shoot anything close, usually - unless it is a Texas Dall that refuses to die - so the 150 gr bullet should work fine. I'd worry about it at less than 100 yards at 3280 FPS, though - Sierras are not tough bullets.
I figure that if moosie starts shooting @100 yds, he'll connect,on his second reload, at around 350.
Originally posted by Moosie:
SO at 50 yards... whats the Problem Cali ? Will it jsut punch through Or what ? Thanx !
sierras have a reputation of blowing up when impacting @ high velocity. I'm not sure it was ever entirely deserved ( sure was w/ the 300 gr .375) and I think blowup bullets went out w/ sierra's change in jacket alloy a few years back.

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