Bear Story

George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
I wrote to one of my buddys about a bear hunt last fall.The bear is one of the ones pictured below.I copied it off and posting it.I will be glad when I can get off the computer and start running again.Getting a new coyote dog this weekend.Hope she runs good with my Diamond dog.
. Just me and a client.60 yr
old guy who wwas NOT a hunter.Big city guy who retired to NH and wanted to
shoot a bear. Had 4 dogs, Spot, Boone, Whitey and Magic on the bear. Dogs
went over a couple mts and treed within an hour I would guess. Boone and
Magic were way out in front most of the race.Lost the dogs for a good 3 hrs.
Tree switches the whole time but just couldnt locate them. We have a stupid
law in NH that says you cant use telemetry equip in a vehicle or within 100
yds of any type of road. With just friends its no problem but with clients
you cant take a chance.I kept riding from one side of a mt all around and
couldnt seem to get closer to the dogs. Finally I pulled over on the tar
road and said the hell with it I will run intthe woods and beep here.Got out
of the truck and the dogs were treed 300 yds away!!!
Walked the guy in to the tree.Nice bear 30 feet up.They had been
treed at least 4 hrs then. I had to grab all the dogs myself .Got 3 of them
tied up and bear starts coming out.Hunter is freaking out because he has
never even seen a bear before.I am yelling at him to shoot and he freezes up
!!!! Finally pul;ls the trigger at 15 feet.Hits bear in the ass. Let the
dogs go.I grab the hunter,as I am yelling at him,and folloew the dogs.50 yds
and he tres agin.I can see him about 20 feet up in a tiny tree.Cant make out
much of the bear and no way we are walking in on him. I tell the hunter to
put his crosshairs in the center of the black and pull the trigger, figure
what else can we do ??? Hunter hits bear in the back. All hell breaks loose
when the bear hits the ground.I go rushing in.Bear is on all 4s fightting
the dogs.Spot got wacked really hard in the ass.No blood but it looked like
his back legs were broken.I had seen enough.Hunter is scared to death and
wont get closer.I draw my44mag and ease in.Dogs move just enough so I give
him one at ,no lie,5 feet.Bear drops down but is still alive.I yell and grab
dogs and get the hunter to step up and finish him off. Spot was never the
same after.With his broken leg from 2 years ago and this wack it relly
slowed him down quick. I just sold him back to the guy I got


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Feb 17, 2001
Talmage, Utah
I know how it is with clients like that. You just can't seem to get it through their head that these dogs are valuable and its THEIR job to kill the bear when you get to the tree. I have also hunted several so called expert marksman that say they can hit a penny at 100 yds.....yea right ....get to the tree....lion 30 ft feel for ya man, but I do get a guy once in a while that is just way good...and fun to guide....I guess its that and the thought of my dogs gettin fur that keeps me story George


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Jan 8, 2001
Yep george some of the worst hits a dog can take from bear you won;t find a scratch on them, they get hit so hard and rolled, when they get caught and the teeth and claws get dug in well thats not good neither...Guy from oregon here I know just lost some dogs down in california about 3 weeks ago, every dog came back with holes in them, he lost 2 I know and one was going into surgury last I heard.