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Bear Report..


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I'm guessing.... AWSOME !!!

Just went Afield and all the roads are open, one spot we usually go we can't get into until dam near May.. It's already open, Saw several Turkeys and called a couple gobblers with just the Mouth and NO call. Wylee made a Screeky door hen call by Inhailing air and The fetching Canyon's would light up with Gobblers... Very cool, Just think if we used a call

Anyways... Later this week the Bait will be out.... Will be Awsome !!!
Well.. technically I haven't seen any bears yet, but I'm sure with the Snow almost gone, It shan't be long. All the usual snow drift areas were gone,... Should know in about a week after Setting up.

I'm trying a new Area this time I think.... I got this Feeling that there might be some Critters in this area.
I always joke Elky, But ALL joking aside, The last place I told Wylee I had "this feeling" We killed most our bears out that canyon
We were doing some Pre scouting and looknig over new area.. We looked down this Crappy place, Still had snow on it... I thought, Looks good, but then we passed it up.. I said, Let's go backbud, So we did and I took a quick glance into the canyon and walked about 200 Feet off the edge, I told Wylee.. "We're killing a bear here this year, I can Feel it", He Said OK, and we faired well..... That was before I knew What to look for... NOW, I know the Habitat, I know were the Houndsman Go, I know what The bear like to Eat, I know when They come Out... ANd I know Were to go..... Because, I have this feeling

Last year I went to a new spot on a Feeling and got that bear first day out. I don't know if It's Cocky or not, BUT I'll lay big money I'm playing SMACK down on a BEAR this year from this new spot.
Went through Centerville from garden Valley to Grimes creek, and ther was "0" snow. Didn't make the trip all the way (The back way) to Idaho city from ther though... But I'd say the Majority should be WIDE open...

Nothing for snow in that area.
from centerville west of grimes creek what did it look like back towards wild goat creek, west fk clear creek, harris creek summit? Holly Mnt have alot left on it or did you pay attention.
Well... Down at Bob Jensons Place over on Rappid Cr. East of Fork Nut's on the top of Beaver Patch along the North West face of Dicks Hallow, at Ol' Johns place to the left of....


NO, Don't know were you're talking about and didn't pay attension
LOL MAineiac, I went out with Gato once and every houndsman we ran into Described all the locations just like that

I swear it always Started with... YAH, We cut some Tracks down by Ol' Bob's old place around the corner from ....

HEY Gato, I think most of the roads are open... We went up an area that is 99 out of a 100 years still closed and Was already open... I swear it didn't snow at all this year
I was up at arrowrock dam saturday but ran outta time to run up the road and check things out. They say it might snow tonight
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