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BEar Pics from Today...


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I would post them but it's just ASS shots from the other guys... So I'll wait untill Gunner gets out of the Dam Sportsmans issues and Get's on the ball ;)
Originally posted by Moosie:
I would post them but it's just ASS shots fromthe other guys... So I'll wait untill Gunner gets out of the Dam Sportsmans isues and Get's on the ball ;)
Moosie, there are hardly any topics about the Dams in SI, today. But yes, I think we should breach all of them on the Lower Snake and restore our Wild Salmon and Steelhead runs to the levels of years gone by.

I was gonna post pictures, but they all had you in them, and who wants to see more pictures of Moosie???? :confused:

So, instead, I'll give a bit of a re-cap.....

We were supposed to meet Moosie (and Big "O") and Wylee at the Cheveron in the old mill town that is now not much more than a Cheveron and a Subway... Not bad, but we were only about 10 minutes late. I think I had told Moosie that, so not too big of a deal.

We could have got back on the road a bit sooner, but Moosie had to go into the Gas Station and buy this huge Haggen-Daz bar and Choc Milk at 6:30am...

In any event, after a handstand in the parking lot, and introductions of the two who didn't know everybody, we all loaded up, and took 3 pick-ups to haul 5 guys, two boats, 3 buckets of Grease, 2 buckets of Blue Berrys, one bucket of Chocolate Chips, 4 bags of Grain, 4 bags of Dog Food (2 AttaBoy and 2 Ol' Roy), 8 bottles of Soda (Raspberry and Grape), 12 packages of Jell-O (Peach, Lime, Lemon, Orange), several BIG game bags of Bread/Doughnuts/Bagles, a huge brick of Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Anise Oil, 9 cans of Tuna Fish, and a bunch of bread crusts.

We also had 4 back pack frames, and about 3 feet of twine, total. :mad:

We got to the first spot, and proceeded in a business like manner of launching the boats and preparing for the voyage....

We carried everything down to river's edge, and then Wylee and I decided to test the Canoe in the moving river, just to see how "tippy" it was. Well, it was tippy. :eek: We did make it across, but then left all the freighting to Moosie and the Bass Boat. The first trip brought all the food, and the second trip brought the remaining pack string.

In between totally irrelevant (but funny) stories, we managed to get the packs loaded up, and started the hill climb to the bait site. It didn't take long to decide that the fleece jacket was too much as we quickly got warm.

We worked up the hill, with a few rests under the pack frames, and Moosie decided to take the lead, apparently I was not making good enough time. I wasn't too worried about Moosie, as I assumed he would eventually find his way back after getting lost. He and my buddy, Ted, kept heading up to the bait site, and then when they got close, they decided not to go to the bait site, but to keep going up the hill to some unknown place. Sure enough, Moosie was gonna get lost.

I then headed to the bait site, and casually hollered up the hill to the Lost Boys, and suggested they bring the bait back to where the site is......

Then the process of digging, dumping, more trips to the boat and back up the hill. Pouring Soda and Jell-O, dumping grease, etc.. etc..

For some reason, instead of hanging his Tree Stand, Moosie just decided to leave it down on the ground. Perhaps, so that the bear would not have to work so hard to eat the grease-covered foam seat off the stand.

We then called Site "C" done, and headed back to the boats....

One down, three more to go....
We then spent the next 30 minutes sitting in our pick-ups, watching Wylee tie his canoe on his pick-up. For some reason, none of us felt motivated to help him, so we just waited, impatiently... :cool:

We then decided to go look for our next site, the proverbial "greener grass".... We found a couple of places, that looked promising, but then after decided that only ElkGunner can Walk On Water, the rest vetoed it, as we would likely only have a single boat on most trips up to hunt.

So, back to Wylee's truck, and we bid him adieu, as he had to get back to a birthday party...

We then headed to Chevron, just because we are brand loyal, and left Moosie's truck and boat. The two Oscars piled into my pick-up, and off we went, in search of the 3rd and 4th sites....

We started telling stories, and developing that bond that only 4 guys in a pick-up can develop...
And then realized Moosie may have just a bit of Lactose intollerance from the Ice Cream and Choc Milk... :mad:

We drove to the Site T, and decided this was the place.... So we started loading the pack frames and carrying the groceries up the hill. (We always carry them up the hill... :mad: ). After crossing a river via log, and bushwhacking, we got going toward where we thought we wanted to be.

After much discussion on Site Survey, and checking angles, distances, and all the other technical details, we started dumping food. And then kept dumping.... Ted and the Big "O" headed back to the rig for the next load, and Moosie and I discussed skipping the 4th bait site, and just concentrating on two sites. The result of this discussion was primarily to allow Ted and Big-O to make a trip to the rig and back, and allow Moosie and I to rest.

We agreed that two sites would be enough, and then we proceeded to start round tripping the food. I have to give a Ton of credit (or at least 200 lbs of credit) to the Big "O", as he was a constant in-motion pack frame. Up and down the ridge he went, never stopping. For somebody just getting to Idaho, he sure didn't show any effects of elevation (nor age). We should all hope to be in that shape when we hit 60. (or 50, or 40)... ;)

So, the bait that was planned to cover 3 sites ended up all being dumped on a single site.
That one should be stocked for a few days.....
As in all the Adventures with Moosie Wylee and Gunner It almost happened like that. The problem is there is Just enough truths in that Jibberish that I have a Hard time telling how it actually went.

It did start out early. I couldn't find the Truck keys and My Taillights on the Trailer didn't work. So I was a bit behind Schedule. Driving down the road at 5:45 AM I get a "I'm late call from the "Gunner". I said Good and still flew down the road knowing Wylee is the Most accurate in time hunter I know. That being said my Phone rang at 5:55 from an Unknowns #. Apperently Wylle was late too because he couldn't find his Cell Phone and Stold the wifes. He caught up and we bought some Food and Hit the road. 6:30 turned into 6:50 when Gunner and PAckMule Ted showed up. I was just heading in to Buy some Icecream (Since there was no shakes) and some choc. Milk. So I did that as they said the , I'm Joe, this is Shmo...

We hit the road... with 3 rigs.

Although I've been running a little. Like 1-2 times a Week out to my mailbox, I had a little bit of a hard time sprinting up the hill. Me thinks Wylee spent even less time Going to his Mailbox but he can tell us the true story ;)

I had it in my mind to get to the Bait site and Head back down for more. I blew by the turnoff......

Pause with me for a moment folks. Baiting with Gunner, Wylee and Moosie isn't the average Baiting experience. We drive 2+ hours, we Launch boats, And we hike up a 45^ +- Hill to drop into another valley to get the job done. So blowing by the turnoff is like climbing over your house to go through the back door instead of just walking in through your front door.... Now con't with the story....

We were up Higher and the Smart alec Gunner called us back down and realising my mistake couldn't shake the PArtner he brought. He was on my heels like a Good PAckgoat. We circled the Rock outcropping with full loads and Got to the site. I started Digging while the gunner did some situps.... Or sat down, or something liek that ;)

Wylee and my dad stayed by the Site as us 3 bolted down the Black diomond run to haul up the 2nd load. Fortunately Gunner took his share to make it easy for me and Ted ... :rolleyes:

SO..... we Set up the site and Pictures were taken. One good thing I can say about gunner is he likes to bait with soda. It's always refreshing to open the soda bottle and Drink 1/2 a liter then share it with the BEars for the reast. We have a Recipie that draws them in for miles around. That, I do hav eto give credit to Gunner for, He's a Gine... Uhhhh GENEU.... Uhhh Well he;'s a real smart guy.

Now I hope I illed enough time for him to have upload all the pictures of me :D
Big "O" normally is ME, Wylee calls me that. But my DAD "o" Sr. was in town so he came with us. Now I don't want to brag about Sr "O"s Shape but he made us Youngsters look like Fatties that we are with his PAcking abilities. And he's 2x the age.
Thanks Moosie, I figured that out with your post and decided to edit mine. You were too quick. Still waiting on the pics though :D
I do hav eto give credit to Gunner for, He's a Gine... Uhhhh GENEU.... Uhhh Well he;'s a real smart guy.
A+ for effort Moosie...LMAO!
JESH-us H. Couch Gunner... Let me Reply before you hit your BACK to Back Posts :D And Ovis quit editting your Posts. They make mine look silly.. ;)

I have a Couple Pics.. Uploading in a Min ...

I was gonna suggest you ask your wife about the Big "O"...... ;)

This year's theory is (likely something Moosie read on the Internet) that we will just stock the sites a whole bunch, and then leave them alone for two weeks. We kinda discussed who and when we could get back up there, and I think we all agreed two weeks would be fine. That means Moosie will be up there by Wednesday, as you could tell he was like a little kid in December, just waiting for the 25th....
Originally posted by Moosie:
Ovis You're replying before I can Reply to you.. this is Worse then chat ;) Pics in 9 mins.... BRB
You type too slow..... Use both hands... ;)

It was kinda cool to be up in the hills, for the first time since the Snowmelt. And it seems like the snow has been melted for some time. Everything was greening up, and not much run-off nor snow.

We did find 18 cow Elk on our way in .... They looked a bit shaggy... Later in the morning we found 5 more, across a big canyon. We probably should have tried getting a shot at them, as it likely would have been October by the time we got close to them... ;)
Wed ? I went back Tonight... nothing hit it yet ;)



Here is Gunner Again Bent Over.. Teds to the Left, then Sr. O then Wylee :


and her eis Wylee loading his boat :


UHhhh see... all are A$$ Shots :D :D
I'm surprised the story of Me eating Choc. Chips all day and the Bread/donuts didn't come out. I'm sure glad, I'd of been Imbarased ;)
was gonna suggest you ask your wife about the Big "O"......
OOOOO, OOOOO.....that Big "O"! Well my wife wouldn't know anything about that either. At least not with any of my help.

I was gonna ask who the guy was in the first pic, Oscar or Mike, but then I realized that ugly ass green fleece pullover. You aren't gonna wear that thing next month...r u?
Ovis, I was Requested at one time From Someone on the board to send them Gunners Picture. I told them to use a Jack-in-the-box picture because he doesn't like being on the net. Although they were MAd thius post remeinds me of that request. We should creat an Album of "GUNNERS PICS" and show all the ones were he wears a Face mask, Etc.

This guy wanted to make a Bush poster with Gunners face in it or something. It would have been funny but you know how it is
I think Gunner should be good for one pic on the net. We should be able to come up with some kinda sales pitch to make this happen. Especially if he gets him a bear.
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