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bear guides wanted ?


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Jan 11, 2001
bridgewater,maine usa
hey you maine guides, im in need of two guides for this bear season. do you guys know of any good working guides that would want to work for me here in the county during bait season.i need them for three weeks. not the right subject for this room but though you guys might be able to help ?

thanks bearbait
When is the season Starting Bearbait? What is the pay? Might be some fellas interested from this site if ya let them kill a bear during that period!!! bcat
Hey Bearbait,I heard you know my old friend of mine,John D that lives up your way now.He and I have spent a ton of time together in the woods,alot of it with treed dogs.He is a heck of a dog man.He really knows what a dog is doing.He has raised and trained some really good hounds.He doesnt put up with any junk either.If he tells you any storys of crazy stuff I used to do rememeber it was a long time ago.LOL
One good thing with him up your way is you dont have to worry about the rabbit population.Have you ever seen him shoot ???LOL LOL
hey big george,
not sure who john d is. you got me stumped on that one ? do you know of any reg. maine guides that want to work for me bait season. i need 2 for 3 weeks. the pay will be good for the right guy. well take care.


ps. weve been runnin the sh#t out of these county yotes up here. been out 4 to 5 times per week getting great hunts to.
It is John davidson.He said he has been out with you a few times.Said he went along when your friend from down south was up with his bear hounds.He told me you gave him Kirks #.I dont know of anyone that is looking for woek during bait season right now.I will put the word out though.
ok now i know who you mean he lives in patten. we both know thump mcarthy from patten to. please give any guide my phone number if you find anyone.

thanks bearbait

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