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Bcat & Shecat


New member
Feb 8, 2001
Did you get that bear yet or are you still holding on to your jar. ;) ;)
Your answering machine is not working, hope to talk to you soon. :D :D

We saw her bear tonight at Dark Jason. Maybe tomorrow night. Just a little too late for shooting, and to make sure there were not cubs involved. Fairly sure it was a Boar, but she didnt want to chance it. Keep your fingers crossed. We will call the phone company tomorrow... Talk to ya soon jason. Four more dqays of season. bcat
Oh shecat at least you are seeing one.
I really hope you get it,I am so excited for you and I am not even there .After seeing pictures of wylee's and some of the others it makes it that much fun.
Have Fun
Cool... at least you are seeing one
Good luck to both of you
Debbie , i got my fingers crossed for ya , i hope ya get that big ole boar!!! GOOD LUCK!!:D
Thanks guys! I was beginnng to think I was going to have to have Big Sky send me another picture so I could remember what one looked like.
I have looked at my plastic jug for so long thought he might resemble that.
Big Sky-
Don't you worry about that educated bear. I'm the one that taught him, I'll see to it that he gets uneducated.
Big Sky!! You will be so proud of Me!!
I didn't let him get away. Now cathunt Mt probably won't be so happy with me as I have a lot of holes in him for him to fix. :D