Bannock Zone Cow Elk Hunt


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Nov 10, 2003
Pocatello, ID
Hey guys I thought I would give this a try. I am trying to help my dad fill his Bannock zone cow tag and he did not luck out on the rifle and we still have the muzz season left. Any how I was just wondering if anyone in that area has seen the cow down low yet or if there is a landowner that would like his elk herd thinned a little please drop me a note. Email is [email protected].

Millstev, i have the same tag, but no muzzie to go on the hunt, but, if i were you i would head up into the south fork area of mink creek, get almost all the way to the grain feilds and head up bull canyon, go as far up as you feel comfortable, but the road gets skinny and steep onboth sides, then there will be a turn around spot, stop there and head up the game trail that comes through the turnaround, that is were we saw the most and freshest sign, good luck to your father

P.S. nice to see somone else from pocatello on here
I have bought the bannock tag the last 3 years. I really only hunt the archery season but I have passed shots on cows that I didn't want to pack out during the rifle season. Soon after the cow rifle hunt starts almost all of the elk stay on private land or some hole that most people aren't willing to pack a cow out of. If your willing to do some walking you may also want to check out the area around Oxford Peak (unit 73) or Cottonwood Creek (unit 74). Unit 72 out by blackfoot reservoir also has a decent sized heard.