Badlands 2200 Backpack $180


Jan 5, 2012
North Dakota

Badlands 2200 hunting backpack.

I purchased this backpack 2 years ago and have only used on one hunting trip. It is like new and has no visible wear and has never seen any blood. It has tons of useful features for a typical hunting day trip and for longer trips as well.

-Has numerous straps for attaching a gun or bow

-integrated meat shelf for packing out your game

-Realtree came fabric, but does have an integrated blaze orange cover for rifle season

-Integrated holster if you carry a handgun as well.

-Pockets for ammo, knife, rangefinder, binoculars, etc...

-Pocket to hold spotting scope

-comfortable shoulder straps and waist belt

-set up for a water bladder and tube if you choose

-heavy duty zippers and clips which allow you to tighten everything down without worrying about splitting a zipper or breaking a clip