Bad Weekend


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Sep 28, 2002
Athens, TN
Well weekend was the opening weekend of bow but i got drew on a WMA gun hunt. So at about 5:30 me and Mikey B. went huntin because my dad is will Bill in Wyoming on his elk hunt So we drove to our fields and got out and walked in well their was some where we were goin to hunt so we went a futher down to the other side of the feild and set down well just after daybreak the man below us shot so we stayed there and we say a fawn come out in the feild we watched it for a while so it left and that was all we saw that morning so we left to get some food and came back and went to another feild we saw one fawn that night to but there was a lot of sign in there so we decided that we would go to that feild the next morning well there was a lot of shotting going on and then a doe and 2 yearlings stood up in the feild in front of me at about 200 yds. and were heading away from me so i put the crosshairs as good as i could on the deer but somehow i missed so i was real mad at myself and so we waited til 12 and left to get somthing to eat.

That afternoon we went to the same spot we went all after noon and only saw 1 little faw we saw the same fawn in the same field 3 times in a row but we left that feild about 15 min. before dark to check another field before we left well when we got to that field we could see about 10 deer in thta back a few bucks and some does there was one huge doe in the very back at about 300 yds that would have probably feild dress 150 lbs
but i could get a good shot on any of them we set there a few min and about 6 more deer walked out at about 225 yds. i saw a good doe that would have weighed about 115 lbs so i shot i thought i hit it so we went out there and checked, well we didn't see no blood so we decided that mikey would go back out today and check for blood so thats the first times i have missed in my life since i was 8

But on the other hand we did have a real good time and i did get too shoot even though i'm still mad at myself for missing. well thats my story for the weekend and i still didn't get to go bow hunting this weekend

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To bad you missed, but the good thing is that you went back and made sure that you had a clean miss....
Well Nut when ever meathead gets back i'm gonna make sure that the sights didn't get bumped off some how and before i go hunting again i'm going to make sure that i shoot plenty before i go And yes my dad tells me "thats why its called hunting and not killing" all the time

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