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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
Just curious as to how many of you muley hunters pack into the backcountry with your tents/sleepin bags and all the goodies to hunt muleys. Starting in 2005 this is the only way I will be hunting for muleys. This is just a survey to see how many people do it and what they think about doing it.
I backpacked or wheel-barrowed my way into remote country for many years. Some of my favorite spots:

Carson-Iceberg Wilderness, CA
Marble Mt. Wilderness, CA
Thunder Basin, WY
Laramie Mts, WY
Cave Hills, SD
White River breaks, SD
Ft. Peck Reservoir, MT

But a guy can only display so many big racks. Now I'm content to take a big barren doe with my 30-30 and enjoy the challenge of hunting with a saddle gun/timber rifle. But I still go after the big bucks about every 3 years or so.

Never owned a 270. My long range rifle is a .308 Remington.
Never owned a 270.
Say it isn't so Jack
If there is some thing we like around here, and that is pictures..Could you possibly share with us some of your conquests...It won't go unapreciated thats for sure..
I'm supposed to figure out how to take 35mm,110, and 126 film photos and convert them to a computer format? HUH? In case you young'uns didn't know it, digital cameras are a fairly new invention.

Middle-aged (sort of) guys like me do not own nor care to own a digital camera.

I have zero use for a .270 In my opinion, the .308 family of cartridges do a very good job with a shorter case, LESS powder, and LESS recoil.

You can't send me anywhere. You have zero authority over me. Any questions on that!
LMAO! Jack!!!

How to post a picture

First you can not post a picture from your hard drive. A picture must be uploaded onto the Internet in order for it to be posted. is a free pic hosting webpage. You can go there and set up your account and then put the links to the pics on the forum pages here. is another free pic hosting site but they place their name across the top of all your pictures. If you can, use someone else who doesn't need to mark up your pics with their advertising.

Geocities, Tripod and many of the free webpage hosts do not allow you to post your pictures outside of their domain. If you try, you will get the old dreaded box with the red X in it.

Try to keep your pic files under 75k each in file size and no larger than 600 pixels wide. This will make it faster to load once on the page. Please DO NOT post huge wide picture files that are too wide for people's monitors so they have to scroll back and forth to see the whole picture.

If you know of any places to store pictures, please post them here and we'll get a list going to choose from.

If you already have your pics stored on the Internet, this forum uses UBB code for images. Click on the gray "IMAGE" button at the bottom of any forum post/reply page to see how to add the code if you're not familiar with UBB. When you click on the "IMAGE" button a window will open up for you to put the image address into. If you don't want to use the "IMAGE" button to insert the code for you, you can also just type the image code in manually in the post window like this
. However there can be no spaces.

To get the URL of the picture you wish to post, right click on the picture and then on properties and you can get the URL of it. Copy this URL and paste it as described above between the

We have a test forum to try any picture posting or link posting.
I hope this helps

I think to, that Elkhunter, or Delw can really help if there is any problems, they are the wiz kids at this stuff and really like to help

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Jack O
I'm with you on the pics. Asked before on here how to post pics. The guys were real helpful -buuuuut I have to upload and download and go to Kinkos and scan onto discs or floppies or whatever the h... it was. Hey I'm still typing with one and a
half fingers....Where was I? Oh ya fingers Think I'll pour two over ice and get out the photo album. Night all
I bet if you guy's put the pics in an envelope and snail mailed them to Delw, or Elkhunter, they would be glad to do it...
Bill, like the way I volenteer you for these things...LOL...!!!!

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