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Back, Empty-handed


Dec 23, 2000
Well, the deer hunting did not go quite as expected. Remember that I had planned to pack into an area that gets little or no pressure, but had to delay my departure because of snow.

Well, I left Friday morning and the roads had improved siginficantly. Unfortunately, we had gotten more snow where I live than they had gotten 200 miles away where I hunt. I decided not to buy a bull tag with the warm conditions. When I got there Friday afternoon, the three inches of snow they had gotten was mostly melted in the nearly 40 degree weather. It created a huge mud mess. I started packing in, but the mud made hiking with a large pack nearly impossible. One step forward, one long slide backwards....

So, after about a half a mile, I scrapped the idea and headed back to the truck. Saturday morning, things had frozen up, and I made a hike into another good area. The extremely steep climb, with frozen ground covered with two inches of new snow, made a slippery climb, and I hit the ground several times. This would become important later...

I ended up passing on two small 3x3's Saturday, and went to a different area Sunday. After a decent hike, I spotted an average 4x4 near the top of the ridge, about 300 yards. I got prone and had a solid rest...he didn't know I was in the area. I decided that since it was my last day to hunt, he was going down. I shot, and the muzzle blast threw up a huge cloud of snow, so I couldn't see. When the snow cleared, the buck was casually looking around, then went back to eating! I jacked another round in and shot again. Same result. One more shot, and the deer decides to mosey to the quieter, other side of the mountain (BTW, this deer must have had CWD or was deaf to stick around for three shots ;) ).

I couldn't imagine what was wrong, but decided that there wasn't much sense in staying on the mountain if I couldn't hit anything. On the hike down, I spotted a brown patch in a bunch of oak. A 5x5 bull was bedded, watching me come down the hill. Maybe I should have bought a tag, but doesn't matter since I can't hit anything, right? Well, I had to walk right towards the bull, and he just lays there. I was only 40 yards away when he stands up, looks around, and slowly starts walking up the hill. I figured that he must have been wounded, but he looked healthy. Must have had CWD... :D

So, I took the gun to the range and found that it was scattering shots at 100 yards. One of the falls on opening morning had somehow jarred one of the scope mounts loose. :rolleyes:

I think I've decided to skip another Friday and head back for the last day of the season at the end of the week. After all, I usually see the biggest bucks on the last day, after I've already tagged out! :rolleyes:

If you've made it to this point of the story, after I told you in the Subject that I didn't get anything, you must really like hunting stories! :D

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>If you've made it to this point of the story, after I told you in the Subject that I didn't get anything, you must really like hunting stories! :D<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


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