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Baca Ranch (Valles Caldera) in NM

elk boy

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Jan 26, 2002
Wilson, WY
Can anyone help? I got a late muzzleloading hunt on this "ranch" and don't know a thing about it.

How good is the hunting? What size of bulls should I expect to see? Any help is appricated.
Hunting should be good, there are 4 to 5000 elk on that ranch and they are only giving away a few hundred tags if even that.

Your chance of taking a big bull are VERY, VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Your chance of having to deal with a bunch of tree huggers looking down on you is also very good.

Over all you should have one hell of a hunt. Congrats on the tag.
I grew up on Los Alamos, NM, just a few miles from this spot. As a youngster, I used to sit on the edge of the culdera and dream of what it would be like to hunt there. At that time it was owned by the Baca Land and Cattle company out of Texas and was off limits to hunting to all but a priveledged few.

I heard that it was going to be 'iffy' as to if hunting was going to allowed this year. Glad to hear it will. Congradulations on what could be the best elk tag available this year. You should see tons of elk and some mighty fine bulls.

It is my understanding, however, that this will be a very controlled hunt. Will you have to have somebody holding your hand and telling you which animal to shoot? I heard somewhere that was the way it is going to be, but this could be inaccurate.

Good luck and congrats!
That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is an add in the Albq. Journal advertising one of those permits on Caldera for $40,000 (serious inquiries only). No Kidding.

Good luck on the hunt, unless you decide to sell the tag.

How many tickes did you buy????

Oh, I also remembered that one of those tags sold at the RMEF banquet here somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000.

You did pretty darn good.


I think elk boy is busy either selling his permit or getting ready for the hunt, C"mon Elk Boy, tell us how it feels to draw such an awesome tag.

If you all drew a tag that you could sell for big $$$$ like this one , what would you do??? I think I would hunt, no I would sell it, no, hunt, no, sell,no.........tough call.

Sorry for not responding earlier. Lets see...yes I would be happy to sell the permit for $10,000 or more. I got an email from one outfitter that wanted to buy the permit for $1,000. I guess like the stock market he was bottom fishing.

If I can take a 300 class elk I will call the hunt a great sucess. Many of these "great hunts" sometimes have a bit more hype then the really deserve. I will wait and see how good this ranch his when I get there.

I heard that United States Outfitters drew a number of tags but I havn't gotton any confirmation on that.

Thanks very much for the support! I will let you guys know how it turns out.