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Mar 26, 2002
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Just in case you all missed it, there was a nice article written about one of our own "hometown" guides here in AZ! It was in the SPORTS section of yesterdays paper and featured Duwane Adams book on Hunting Trophy Mule Deer. It also talked about his new book coming out on hunting trophy coues deer! If your not in AZ or missed it, check out
Check it out...

Just out of curiosity....

What does it take to get a tag to go elk hunting with Duwane? I assume it is real hard to draw those tags....?

Go on P-Dub, tell him what it takes to draw an Elk tag in AZ. Then tell me. I'm going nuts trying to draw a tag....

Seriously it's a matter of luck and odds. Some units are better than others for bull tags. About the best shot would be a long one at around 50 to 1. Extreme odds would be for the bugle hunts at around 6 chances in 2500. That is to say that on a large volume bugle hunt with 10 tags available, there are probably 2500 or more applicants. The Drawing Gods seem to smile on first time applicants from out of state, women and kids for the regular bull tags. One thing is certain though, if you don't apply, you won't get drawn........ Join the rest of us and start applying.


So, how do these outfitters stay in business??? Do they rely on landowner tags, or what?

Guess I better get a copy of the regs and figure out another source of frustration!! ;) :rolleyes:

It works like this Westman....When the results of the drawing are known, the Outfitters buy a list of successful applicants from AZGF. They draw results are public record so no biggy. Then they commit a mass mailing of info to the successful applicants. Some of the outfits like Tallman at USO make the application for the hunter. They just keep on applying until someone gets drawn. It's really kind of a neet service if you didn't have to hunt with USO when you drew a tag.

Well, if I knew how to draw a tag in AZ, I would bitch about the drawing system! ;)
AS far as guides go, after you draw some do purchase lists of successful applicants and then go to "wooing" them, others have a reputation and people go to them. I know Duwane books out every year and is very good at what he does. Visit his site and see what he's done. I know a few other guides here in AZ who are also very reputable. Don Martin is another one. I think just like any business, the best ones really don't have to advertise...people know who they are! I just thought is was great that Duwane got a write up one his books in the paper! Has anyone read the mule deer book? Great book. Tons of info and great pics! I can't wait for his coues book to come out! Maybe he'll do an elk book too....Hmmmmmm?????

Well, I was honestly curious about that.
I think his prices are very reasonable.

Just good luck to get a tag though...

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