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AZ Quail help


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May 1, 2002
The Shores of Tonto Creek
I'm gonna take the boy out this weekend. Any of you AZ boys having any luck with Quail around Bumble Bee or Black Canyon City? Any help would be much apreciated.

Havent hunted out there but have heard those areas are rough this year. Chunk of desert northeast of Anthem/I-17 intersection has lots of birds. You can enter from the frontage road take a right on circle mountain road. The road turns into a dirt trail and at the base of daisy mountain there is a stock tank the area around it is really green and would be hard to miss. Around the stock tank is good for quail and dove and if you hike further east toward Daisy mountain you will probably find some coveys along the washes. Also Fig Springs road can be accessed from New River road and leads into some good quail areas near the tonto nf boundary. Table Mesa road near the agua fria river bed (has year round water in a few places) is good if you hike along the river bed, the areas right near the roads get alot of pressure but there are still birds. Map would be helpful.... Since archery deer starts friday you can also hunt around lake pleasant... From what I have seen the quail numbers have really decreased except for areas with year round water. Good luck.

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Thanks FEW. I knew I could count on you. I wish I lived out there so I could do my own scouting. We used to do real good along the river by Gillette (the ghost town Northeast of gravel pit). There have been so many non-hunters in there the last few times I've been up I've given up on it. I sort of grew up in Crown King so I know the area real well. Thanks again.


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As of yesterday There is no more hunting at lake pleasant regional park... some places of the park go 3-4 miles past the waters edge so be careful off table mesa road.....

Bartlett lake area is good between bartlett and horseshoe...

Grew up hunting quail in the Thatcher/Safford area (Gila Valley). It's all agriculture so there's a lot of water(river and canals). I know it's a drive from the valley, but if you ever head that way, I can give specific spots.
Thanks for the info Delw. I was confused anyway I was thinking it was open only during deer season but it was only during quail season.... Who gave you that info that it is closed? I completely believe that they(the park) want to close it but here is what the 2002-2003 hunting regs say(pg 62):

A.The lands and water lying within the boundaries of all Maricopa County Parks are open to hunting and trapping when a Commission order establishes an open season.
Persons may use only the following methods of take:

1.Archery hunting, when lawful for the wildlife taken under R12-4-304.

2.Shotguns shooting shot, when taking small game, predatory, furbearing and nongame animals during quail season in Lake Pleasant, White Tank Mountains, McDowell Mountain and Estrella Mountain Regional Parks. See Subsection (F).

Subsection F is an exemption to the rule that basically says when hunting in City Limits you may not use means of take prohibited by city ordinance.

I am not telling anyone to hunt it or saying that it is legal. Since the hunting regs are good until June 2003 I think this creates a gray area. Since Im a shitstirrer anyway and am pretty confident they wouldnt get away with prosecuting me Ill still shoot shit there if I get the urge.... :D

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I believe that its closed as usual was just being a smartass. I really cant stand all these areas being closed by cities, parks, treehuggers etc..The print is in the current game and fish regs that says it is open so I thought Id have some fun with it. Not trying to contradict anyone I just like the game and fish laws better so I just follow those ones.J/K:D I dont think they can do any more than ask you to leave until the game and fish regs are changed, and until the word gets out officially.... I dont really hunt it so it wont affect me, that sucks you wont be able to go after that big buck you were wanting though Delw. :(
He wasnt really that big... but he was going to be an easy one shooting him from the boat and all LOL....

Game and fish has no jurisdiction(sp) the city has the jurisdiction(sp)..

Guess youll have to find a bigger one then. :D Have any plans to deer hunt this weekend? Im bummed I cant hunt til Jan 1 since I shot that fork in October... All my buddies are tagged out too so were just gonna be scouting and stuff.
Was thinking of heading to 22 on tuesday... Not quite sure yet.. maybe monday night...

When you wanna do some yote killing
Lets Go! Im ready to go whenever you can head out. Weather sure is perfect for it. I bought a new ecaller Tuesday and went 0 for 7 stands tuesday and wednesday evening. Yesterday I went and decided instead of letting it play constant I would turn it off for 40 seconds every minute or so then start again at a little higher volume. My first stand After 3 series I was at about 1/4 volume and a good yote cam in really white in color. He stopped at about 100 yards so I killed the volume and he started trotting away I turned it back on real low and he came all the way in to 20 yards on a full run. Somehow I managed to hit him in the side and ass with the first shot and the fugger did a sumersalt(sp?) and kept going I didnt get my second and third shot off until he cleared some bushes at 70 yards and it was just too far by then. Even though my shot wasnt that good I cant believe that little fugger could take a load of #4 buck from my 12 gauge and keep going. I followed his tracks and found a little blood along the way after about 1/4 mile I lost his tracks in a wash, then found some hair and blood on the other side where he exited found his tracks again followed some more. Basically every time I was going to give up Id find some fur or blood on a bush and I ended up over 1 mile from my caller which I left running. It got dark on me and I never did find him. I drove around looking with my spotlight until about 8pm I was just so pissed at myself for blowing such an easy shot. I bought that .223 a couple weeks ago and want to test it out I havent used it yet because the areas I have been calling are in 42m which = no centerfires. If time is limited I have a couple good spots in 42m I havent called since Feb-March.
Anytime... Up north of your palce is a great place to call....

I have a good tape doug copied for me....we can use that also...

Can you go this weekend? I can go tomorrow or sunday or any day in the afternoon next week. :D
Delw. Im outta here for the weekend. Give me a call at 480 437 2392 if you can head out for some calling.

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