Autumn Deer

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Jul 17, 2002
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Just in case you have forgotten what they look like.

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Just a couple of meat animals, had a been a real dirty day,rain,wind,mist the whole 9 yards,
I had been taking a look where I missed a good Red Stag at the beginning of the roar :( , about a 20 minute drive from home and then a walk/stalk of about a hour and a half up the left of creek which steepens into a gorge well up, I had been working my way up thru some terraces in the gloom and had not seen any fresh sign at all so decided to head out toward's the gorge to roll a smoke and have a sit down.
I was trying to roll a smoke but the paper's were wet and my hands were cold,so gave up and started to rummage thru my pack for something to eat, the day started clearing but was still dark about 30 minutes before dusk I spose, I was just sorta hanging there debating how long it was gunna take me to walk out :( ,when these two nosed out on the other other size of the gorge only about 60 metres away
, I just slipped behind the rock loaded the rifle and got a good rest over the rock and shot the oldest one first, the other one just spun in a circle looking confused so bopped her as well :rolleyes: I then had to climb up to the top of gorge :eek: , cross the creek and come down the other side and find them, one was easy enough only managed a few steps but the waterlogged one had managed to go about 10 metres and find swamp hole among the tussock grass to expire in :rolleyes:
Oscar says must take more pictures !! so took a picture, gutted and left them untill the next day had a mate give me a hand to get them out.
Rifle was the old 6.5 with 129 gn flatbased hornadys.
That sounded like a day in the hunting life in Western Washington, with out the kills...

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