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Jun 1, 2003
Hi there, just returned from a Buffalo hunt in the Northern Territory. We drove some serious Klm's about 10,000 in total. I was once again privileged to have access to restricted aboriginal land (Arnhem Land).
We encountered heaps of beasts with some hair-raising encounters with some top bulls. We hunted our butts off not letting up for a minute. My brother took a young beast for meat though lucked out on a mature bull. I was fortunate to grass a good bull; he eyeballed me at less than 40 meters for what seemed like hours though realistically were minutes. All captured on video he would rush in & thrash about only ever offering a front on or quartering to me shot. Ultimately l was offered a shot, smashing the 610 grn 2419 through the ribs while he quartered away at about 22 meters. Shaft buried nearly to the fletches the doubled lunged the beast traveled no more 30 meters and expired within minutes. Meat from both beasts was distributed to the local aboriginal community.
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hi KC, yeah it was good hunt, as can be the case when heaps of critters are sighted. the majority of Buff taken in NT are with powder sticks and they ain't shy with the Cal. they choose either..ds
Looks like pretty open country. Bet it's hard to get into bow range. Are those things more likely to run, or stomp you?

ds, nice story and a great adventure, keep them coming. Good Luck, JLG.
Hey thanx.as a general rule they run, though only after they have thoroughly investigated whatever the hell has disturbed them. Only half an hour prior to me grassing my bull l invaded the personal space of another mature bull he showed some aggression that worried me dearly considering l was only surrounded by saplings. My bull stomped about, circling me in an endeavor to wind me, by then though it was too late
WTG on the trophy!
Good to see and hear about other parts of the world.
One day, god willing, and the sun shining, I may just get there!
Please keep us informed of more of your endeavors!
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