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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well we went out yesterday afternoon/evening looking for elk along the river bottom areas. On the other side of the river there were about 500 elk. Looked like they were waiting for dark to cross. Did not see anything on our side of the river. The other side is a closed area. With the snows today, I think we will be seeing a lot more, and maybe today they will be on our side of the river.
Interesting. I noticed that the #79 tag is usable in 75 & 76 after Nov. 24th (I think). Is that common practice, for them to wait until dark to cross the highway? I'm guessing the a person's best chance is to be there EARLY in the morning then?
Tyler, what area and type does your tag say on it. I think yousaid you had area #79 but is it type 1, 2 or 3?
I am assuming it is type 3 in which case it is valid in 75 & 76 starting October 26 and ending on December 8th. The type 3 and type 6 tags are valid during that time.
And yes it is common for the elk to stay put until night fall and then move. Sometimes some 500 elk will enter the refuge, all at night. The river bottoms traditionally have been a hot spot for elk for years. Blacktail Butte has also produced many an animal and is better in the morning and at night.
I've got a type 6 tag. I'll try again tonight to get ahold of you. How's the weather? It's snowing pretty hard up around Logan, UT.
Tyler, this is how it reads in the regs and on their web site.

Area #79 Type 6
Oct. 19
Nov. 24

Nov. 25
Dec. 8
Unused Area 79 Type 6 licenses cow or calf valid only in that portion of Area 79 north of U.S. Highway 26-287. NO HUNTER MAY HARVEST MORE THAN ONE (1) ELK IN GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK

Oct. 26
Dec. 8
Unused Area 79 Type 6 licenses cow or calf; also valid in Area 75,76. NO HUNTER MAY HARVEST MORE THAN ONE (1) ELK IN GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK
We got a couple of inches in the valley. I don't know how much they got in the park. I think the elk are starting to move about now so the river bottoms, Blacktail Butte, the section between Pacific Creek and Pilgrim Creek and most of the area around Pilgrim Creek, should all be good. Blacktail Butte, I think would be better at the end of the day. The river bottom should produce morning and late day. Up north is more timber so should be good during the day. By Pilgrim Creek there are open areas for first light and then timber for the day. The same would hold true for the Pacific Creek area. I haven't seen any elk on the flats yet, so I wouldn't even try the hay fields. Just east of the hay fields is a small section that I don't think anyone hunts. It is just north of the Gros Ventre Road and east of Blacktail Butte. Mostly open rolly hills, but have seen lots of elk in there during the early summer, late spring and could be a possibility.
Thanks for the tips!!!! I'll be leaving here tomorrow at 10am! What's the shortest/fastest route from ID Falls to Jackson? The way we went this summer was much longer than last year when I followed you.
I was up on shadow mtn over the weekend. Not much activity. I did manage a couple of grouse. There was enough snow to see that some were moving thru, but again, the only elk we saw were on the flagstaff road on the way into north fork of spread creek. I agree with you though, the snows should start a movement thru the park. good luck to all
I also have a 75-3 tag and have been out on the flat the last three morning and have not seen anything. I think some passed thru last night because about twelve elk were shot on the refuge this morning.I also heard three bulls were taken around the shadow mountain area today and two of my friends got rag horns in unit 80 today. Elkhunter after you shoot your elk you can scare a big bull my way I won't complain.

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Oakster, let me know when you are up this way again and I will buy you a cup of coffee.

Skeeter, I will push them over to you ;) Same offer goes for a cup of coffee. Need to get together one of these days. I hit LeJays quite a bit in the afternoon for coffee.

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