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Area #75 & 76 today - 11/02/2002


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Both areas had plenty of elk moving through them. Saw about 200 elk this mornin in the river bottoms and another 100 or so on the bench on the other side.

Many elk came off Blacktail Butter early this morning. When I went out you could see the tracks crossing the road in the fresh snow from last night. Looked like a good size herd came across. This afternoon we saw 20-25 up on top, but hunters pushed them up higher and into the timber and that is all she wrote.

I am thinking the ones on the river bottom will make therir way to the butte tonigh so I will head their in the morning. I will head to the south side and hope to catch them on their way to the refuge.

Talked to some other hunters tonight that saw a bunch of elk this morning on the hay fields, but were not able to get shots. It seems they were just inside the safe zone.
There is if you have never seen it

We got sliced bread in Tennessee :D

Some of my neighbors have indoor bathrooms and running water too.
Sounds great Elky. Lasso a couple of big ones and stake them out on a long tether so they can fatten up for Thanksgiving. We'll be there the Saturday before. Hope to have our Elk tipped over by Tuesday so we can do some serious drinking.

Oh, by the way....I've already got an order in with Waldo's. Ribs and sauce will be forthcoming.......................Rolls too.

Well I went back out yesterday and didn't see a thing except buffalo and antelope. I am getting them all set up for you though. If time allows, I will head out again during the week. I am getting hungry already Dan ;)
That's not good that you saw nothing..But if there is still a pile that hasn't moved thru. Maybe they will in a couple few weeks.. :D
Oh that is OK ELKCHSR. I am certain that there will be plenty more to come through, thousands yet to come through. I did see, in addition to the other animals I mentioned above, 6 nice moose, and 2 of them were really nice bulls.
Went to the river bottoms this evening saw two gut piles, one was about five yards off the trail, I figured elkhunter might have got one of the two this morning. I saw two cows tonight but haven't seen anything on the flats since Friday morning when I had two raghorns walk right by me. I chose to pass them up which is starting to look like a mistake with the way things are going right now.

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No it wasn't me Skeeter. Wish it was but it wasn't. Had to work. I mam going to try and get out tomorrow afternoon after work. Saw about 25 up on top of Blacktail on Satrday afternoon and a couple of nice bulls with them. I saw them from the S.E. area of Blacktail when I was down by the hayfields parking area.
Wait a minute.. You guys are talking about taking bulls.. Is this an ANY ELK hunt or COW ELK hunt?