Are you gonna draw?

Here is wishing you some good luck on the draw JB. The only draw I was waitng for was buffalo and I am not even close to getting one with the # I drew. My elk and deer are over the counter so no draw for me on them. Good luck again and hope to see you posting and telling us you got one.
I just checked, they still haven't drawn for resident B deer, Moose, Sheep, ELk....
The only draw that I put in for is for a doe tag up were dad and I use to hunt mule deer..With any luck I'll return to Iron Creek :D

Should here back before July 31 on all my draws here in Wa.I am feeling lucky this year so hopefully I will draw something good.Putting in for Deer, Elk, Moose and Mt Goat.
NOT only did I draw Sheep yah Chit... BUT I Drew Colorado for Deer..

Alright Beatch.. Good luck to yah...

I don't get to have any more Draws... ALL my Deer and Elk tags are Over the counter here .. BUUUAHAHAHAHH !!! ;)

Seriously though, Good luck man (And every one else !!!!
Texas has some applications comming up, I'm putting in for the alligator hunt again, a good archery deer area, since I can't afford to pay and hunt there, and I might as well apply for some other stuff too. I only applied in Wy. and, yes, I'm going to get drawn.

I didn't know Moosie got a sheep tag till just now, that's pretty special. Co deer? This will be interesting, was it a lot of preference points or archery or what?
Tom.. I thought you just Bought animals in Texas.. I didn't know you could Apply for them ;) good luck in Wyoming too !!

CO deer was a Almost guartenttee Muzz der hunt. Nothing special, Just something different from Idaho. Either way It's just something else to Brag to to my buddy JB ;)
I have the opertunity to go to Florida for a week and hunt gators and pigs, just depends on how much $$$ is saved at the end of fire season..
July 6th here in NM....(Fingers tapping on the table)....I put in for Elk and Deer. If I don’t draw then maybe over the counter for deer and/or buy a landowner cow permit.
I can hope! Let's see - New Mexico Units 16 A or B, Arizona 3002 Unit 1 and 3004 Unit 4A and finally Grizzly Island Tule Elk here in California. It may be an elkless season next year since those are all high odds. But if I do draw one of them, I should do okay. ;)
I drew my ES elk tag for 1st rifle in the White River NF of Colorado. I'm also in for deer/antelope tags in northeastern Wyoming (Region B/Unit 29). I should draw both unless they really cut tag numbers this year.
Cool Guys!
(I slipped out for a couple of days)

I hope i'm as LUCKY az YOU Mooseman!
I guess you will just float down river and wack one of those sheep outta the boat

Cali, what if ya draw em all? Cha--ching $$$

Russ, if you are driving to florida, tell me when and I'll catch ya on the way by.
I'm a little south of the 10

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