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Anyone here hunt North ID

Horn Seeker

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Dec 21, 2000
Billings, MT, USA
Holy smokes, I think the cougar pop is in dire staights up there. I know of at least 5 hard hunting houndmen, spending about 3 days a week each hunting, NO ONE has found a mature cat yet this winter! Makes for some pretty broing days riding all day looking for a track.

On the plus side, we have treed a lot of nice bobcats this year!
Howdy Horn Seeker,

I hunt north Idaho and we did alright this year, seemed about the same as the past few years to me. There were some dry spells but I wondered if it wasn't due to all of that deep, unconsolidated snow we had this year? Seems like it didn't get any base to it until just the last few weeks. Maybe they weren't traveling as much as usual. There were several times where I knew a cat went into an area and I knew that it should be coming out soon but it would stay in one little area for a long time. You're right though, there's nothing worse than about 3 days on a sled staring at the snow without success. It's nice to have the bobcats to keep things interesting.

Clint Gray
Buckshot Outfitting
Very Liberal lion quota's with no female quota will do it every time!!! Wish we had more bobcats to run on winters like this down here. bcat

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Hey Clint,

Its good to here someone did alright. You guys actually caught a few mature toms? Do you hunt up north, north of Sandpoint? We spend most of our time in the CDA's, but get up around Priest every couple weeks or so.

Do you know Ernie McKenzie (my dad)? How about Jack Baron? Just curious.

good Luck,

Horn Seeker