Anti hunting activist!!!!


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Sep 22, 2003
Lostine Oregon
Non-Hunter's Rights Coalition P.O. Box 374 Simsboro, Louisiana 71275

this is the adress to a antihunting activis orginization, please send them as much crap as possible. i orederd a hat from cabelas that has hunting pics on it, and sent it to them along with a nice little note. moosie, i know you could think of something funny to send them, like a gay porno subscription or 2. please yall, send thes people a letter, tell them how wrong they are, tell them that hunters are really, caring, respectfull, ethical people, who care alot more about the enviroment than these people. i made a list showing on average how many trees are cut down to make there house, how many children died from malnutrition while getting paid $1 a day working in rice field for there rice kakes, and how many sheep got harrassed while getting the wool for there socks, and how many cows were killed for there leather birkenstocks.... ect....