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Nov 28, 2001
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I am looking to do a antelope hunt in fall 2002. I have done 1 guided one this year in wy. 75 6/8 sci. I am looking to apply for both California (i am a resident) and New mwxico and Arizona. What areas are good. How easy is it to find game? Any one hunt antwelope in nevada? I need to be close to home
As you probably already know, the available tags in California are all by drawing with lots of people applying for a few tags. I saw a couple huge herds of antelope in SW New Mexico this year, but they were on private land. BCA (Bear Creek Adentures) is a guide in New Mexico who may be able to help you out. Gila Monster on this board is a former guide in New Mexico who may have good info for you. You can check their profiles on this board for their email addresses. Good Luck!

(By the way, I go out to Apple Valley quite often to stay with a buddy and go shooting out on Hodge Road.)
Sorry, can't help you with any of those states. But welcome to Moosie's!!

Antelope in AZ is hard to get drawn for.. Ive been lucky 2 times in 20 years and within a year apart.. Best units in my opinion are unit 9 and unit 10 for antelope... If you cant get a decent antelope in this state by the 12 noon opening day, its because someone was sleeping.. We have antelope pretty much all over the state.. Unit 12b and 13A&B have quit a few antelope but nothing really of size(there are a few that will go over 15" just not many) unit 9 and unit 8 have some good heads with quite a few over 16"..It will take a weekend or 2 for scouting, and more if you want a huge buck.. They are out there just have to find them...
There are some nice antelope in the eastren part of the state but I prefer the westren part...
If you need any info to for a drawing let me know I will try to help you out the best I can...

There are landowner permits available in New Mexico. They sell for whatever the market bears. I've purchased these for $600 to $750 recently, in areas where they were only $300 each just a few years ago. These would normally be in quality areas. Now, these only guarantee the license. You must take these forms into the Game & Fish Dept. and then purchase the license at the regular price. Yours would be the non-resident price of $192 for 2001-2002. That would mean that a guaranteed license would cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 to $1000 to hunt for quality Pronghorn in New Mexico. I could get you the addresses and/or phone numbers of several landowners in NM if you're interested.

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