Anouther Lost River story!


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Jun 30, 2002
Ontario, Canada
I just got back from northern Saskatchewan at Lost River Outfitters. Big Black Bears out the WAZOO! 20+ incher shot with traditional equipment. Female hunter shoots a 19+ incher with her bow. Tired of catching so many fish-HA! If anyone wants my pictures or listen to me go on & on e-mail me. Rick
Here's the mighty Rick himself with the largest thing he's ever guided a hunter to. Rick's the cute one on the right with the red shirt. That's Casey on the left and the hunter in the middle. Rick is best described as Canada's version of a New Yorker. He doesn't even say "eh", but for some reason he says "you know" a lot ;)
RICK.. GLAD to see you EH ? YOU know, EH ? I am gonig to Canada EH? Next year EH ? And want to shoot me a bear YA KNOW !!!! ;)

Welcome aboard. Post another story, We don't believe Crap Bigsky tells us :D :D !!!
I've been waiting for that pic to show up!!! That is a dandy, Big Sky didn't compose he picture that well though. The squirrel is much bigger than it appear,all three mighty hunters in the pic way well ove 700 lbs (beer gut included of course) so the mighty trophy actually tipped the scale in the 18-20 ounce range and the skul green scored well over 7/8 inches. I believe Scott is life sizing it with his 370 lb 20 inch blackie! BTW, squirrel is availabe along with wasckully wabbits on a trophy fee bases. Squirrel is $100 per inch on length of tail (we judge them much like beards on turkeys) and rabits are $75 inch on length of longest ear. :D :D ;) HAPPY HUNTING, EH? YA KNOW!!!! You fellas be nice to Ricky, he shoots with a whittled twig and cattails for arrows with a piece of coke bottle for a broadhead. LOL Casey
Welcome aboard and congrats on the great hunt and troqhy to show off...Will you be taking it on tour to the big outdoor shows???
Maybe when it hits the larger show's in Montana here I can go see this masterpiece of wildlife.......Will It be life size, posed in a menacing way? will you just have a head mount done? That would even be impressive....Will you have a convoy of trucks to house the following that will develope as this one of a kind trophy is paraded around the U.S. and Canada and possibly internationally.... :D :D :D
Inquiring minds would like to know the answeres to these questions...LOL!!! :D

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