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Another new guy


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Apr 30, 2004
Hunt Talk sounds like an awesome place, I notice there are some familiar names (good ones too).
I hopped over from MM kinda on a luck deal I guess. I was reading a post marked the good old days it was from a dumb #ss that brought up an old post of members figuring out that he was full of sh!t and not out of high school yet.
Any way I guess he tried to get in over here with a couple different names or something like that, but he had this forums link on one of his threads. So instead of wasting my time on OO I decided to check out Hunt Talk (glad I did).
So any way here I am,30 YRS old I hale from Pleasant Grove UT, now living in American Fork.
I have 1 daughter 6 years old and 1 new hunten pard 7 months today. I am A IBEW lineman and love hunting,fishen and camping.

MOOSIE,thanks for the welcome!
Hey, whose elk is that on the main page,far right looks like the pic was taken at night?
DUVY.... JSut a word of Causion, O.O. posts here too
.. I just make him Behave, It's like a problem child and we get bonus points for keeping him in line :D

Not sure Who's elk that is. I'll take a look-see later.

Welcome aboard 'Mate, this is a Good place. Or at least we Kill lot-sa Chit and tell big Stories if nothing else :D :D
hey duvy, looks like we are probably neighbors. (Alpine). Welcome to moosies. Moosie is kinda a fudger.. Not much of a hunter, and not very funny either..but, we tolorate him
j/k, this is one of the best sites out there...You will like it here for sure.
Browtine, I'd compair Hunting Portfolio's Anyday of the Week with ya
Becarefull, or I'll send you back to MonsterMulies.... (Just kidding, I wouldn't do that to Anyone
Hello DUVY!!!
I belong to the IBEW on and off tree trimming on occassion to fill in the gaps, great to have you here and hope to see you on board... :D
I make one comment and Moosie threatens to throw me off the server!!! See what I mean.. Its like playing cards with my sisters kids............
heh, who knows. Moosie, how often do you join the "live chat"? We may have to finish this fight in there..or on the phone one of these days. I will probably take a beatin...But it would be cool to chat sometime
I'm glad to see a guy can have a little fun around here. No caution needed on OO I know alot of youngens just like him, The reason why I ask on that bull is it looks like my father-in-laws Pahvant bull 2 years ago 396, no biggie just wondering.
Browtine, I hung around alot in Alpine, my friends the Shepherds lived up there, what ya doing letting them build up on hogs?
wileycoyote I wish power company! I work for Wasatch Electric I have tried to get on over there but they only hire when someone dies or retires.
ELKCHSR Trees Inc. gonna have alot work this year, with the power company in hot water over all the outages last year. Later yall.
Hey Moosie, how long before I can graduate to a regular member? I cant see the good jokes.

Signed, Junior DUVY
You have to have some 20 or 30 odd posts and put up a small fee... ;)
I would rather not be jumping on with any of the trimming companies this year, between hunting and teaching fire stuff, I hope to fill up the rest of this year and into next...
would that be Kent or chuck sheperd? Anyway...hogs is a joke now isnt it?? So much for the winter range :(
Welcome abord DUVY.... Watch out for ELKCHSR he is a Bad influence on all of us :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

This is a great group and I came over from MM Also, but I don't go there very much anymore. I think this group is much better to play around with!!!
Welcome Duvy,
Kind of new here myself, but I like what I see so far. A lot of good people are here. I'm sure this site will be great..

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