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Another Colorado Ram


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Aug 17, 2004
Well it didn't quite happen on tuesday at 7:40 am but, it did happen. This ram was taken on thursday 9/9. After hunting a day and a half in an area that I had scouted this summer I decided to go after some rams that had relocated to the northern part of the unit. After a 12 mile ride in and a four hour hike to the top, I was able to tip this ram over at 6:30 pm. He isn't the biggest ram that I saw but I think he's a beauty. He has alot of character. I'm pretty sure he's the ram that I've posted pictures of on HT before.
Many thanks to my wife and son for allowing me the time to pursue my dream. Thanks also to Dan V. and Lloyd V. for being there with me on the hunt and all of their help. :D :D
Nice ram...congrats! That cape doesn't look too good in the bottom pic, though. :eek:

The cape is being held up by the guy on the right in the bottom pic. We tought it might look better than it dangling below, but maybe not.
Congrats Rammin! Please tell me ya got the rest of that cape rolled up behind that head :eek:

...ooops your post beat mine! Glad to see you'll be mounting those memories after all- Congrats again
Great looking ram!!! I've never applied for one but you guys are getting me thinking about it. Not really, I'm getting too old and too fat to do that kind of hunt and I can't even draw an elk tag in Wyoming. :D
WOW !!!!! Sorry abotu the Late Congrats.... A 4 hour hike to the Top ?!?! I don't even get it that easy for the Forked horn bucks I kill ;)

Kudos on a Nice ram !!!! Good to see the Crowd Kicking ASS and taking names again this year !!!!
Super congrats dude! now he's a beauty.If my lungs could handle it I'd go after them dad-gum dall sheep I've been seeing everywhere all that your ram got me pumped lol!...Cant wait to see the shoulder mount later.Daniel
Thank you everyone for all of the kind words.

Ithaca 37, Yeah, I got the fever Bad. I can't stop telling people about my summer of scouting and the hunt. I hope to help some friends if they draw the area in the near future. I'm not sure I can afford the slam, but if I wait too long I really won't be able to afford it. I'm sure I'll keep taking pictures and exploring the nearby sheep units. I'm hooked.

Moosie, Is the Muzz hunt over? What isn't breathing anymore?
Congrats Frank. A good old ram like that is a trophy in anyones book. :cool: Knowing how many other rams were in there, you should be proud of holding out for the one you wanted.

Now if we could get you to set goals like that at work.....
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