Am I Cool Yet ?


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Sep 4, 2003
North Central, IN (the corn belt)
Just popped for a pair of 10x42 Swarovski SLC's. Heading to Wyoming Friday, so finally caved in and sprung for a good pair of binos.

Kinda sporting a little chubby, just thinking about it.

What do you think .... Does this put me in cool school ?
I'm kinda new to your board here Moosie. Enjoyed your Alaska photos and stories. It's a great place to hunt, aint it ?

Been there three time myself, hope to go back again next year. Really sux, hearing everyone talking about going up there and being stranded with only deer to chase. I'll try not to make that mistake again next year.
Nice!!!! WTG!!! You will love those bino's, Elky got a pair and we love them

Where are you going in Wyoming ?
Steiny, Welcome aboard !! I'd love to swap Some hunting lies with ya sometime. I don't remember you in a Welcome post anywere or a HI I am "@@" post, but I'm always running around and Forget almost everything.

I'll remember ya now
Unless I forget, Hell, It took 1 year for me to Remember LB and I really like her !! (LOL TOOTS)

Good luyck in WY this year and share some stories !!
Lots of luck on your hunt in region C.Dont kill em all,I'm arriving in region C on the 16th to 23rd.I will be hunting southwest of Gillette on BLM land till the 20th,then will shift to the Sheridan area if I need to.I'm sure your new bino's will come in handy.Where do you plan on hunting?Are you going with an outfitter?
The weather has been pretty warm but I hope that changes soon.Go get em!!
Welcome aboard !
The SLCs are way cool, but don't use them to look at thoses Ind. whitetails, they might fog up.