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Alpen Binos


New member
Mar 19, 2001
I just picked up a set of these today. For the price they are amazingly clear. Waterproof, fogproof and from what the dealer was telling me a lifetime warrenty.
I havent had them in the woods yet but from a first observation, I'm impressed.
Since I got a 30 day no questions asked money back guarentee with these puppies. I turned on the shower as hot as I could get it and threw these bad boys in. After 3 beers I got them out. I quickly dried the lenses and they were as clear as before they got wet.
I know this isnt as perfect testing as real life, but unfortunately mother nature isnt co-operating. I want it to rain now and it wont. Maybe it will rain this weekend ( I dont believe I just said that :eek: ).
You did just say that,thats like me asking it to start raining.It will come soon enuff.Souns like you got a great deal on the binocs,I checked them out on their internet site,not bad lookin.
So what pair did you get?
I looked at the site ,they give you quite a few to pick from.
A good pair of bino's is one thing I cant do without.
Keep us posted on how you like them.
I picked up a set of the waterproof compacts model 508 (8X28's).

Last night I was checking out some game trails on the mtns behind the house. I wasnt able to do that before with my bruntons (P.O.S's).
Good bino's make a BIG difference.
I have a pair of 8 X 30s and put on a tripod it makes them even more of a pleasure to use.
It sounds like those will work out real good.
You probably already know this, but good test I always do with optics is a couple of hours in the freezer followed by an hour or so in hot water in the sink, if they pass that they should be good
I tried that test last night and they came out OK. My wife looked at me kinda funny and said the freezer is a hell of a place to store binos.
i got dad a pair for what they cost i was impressed to they have gotten good reveiws in the rags
DO NOT BUY ALPENS!!!!!!!!!!!

For the last couple of weeks I've had them fog up on me withing 5 minutes of leaving the truck. One day was sunny and they still fogged up. I may have got a screwed up set but I'm staying far away from them. I'm returning them this week.