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All packed and nowhere to go


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Got all my crap together and most of it in the camper for my 3 1/2 week elk vacation but will not be able to go for another 17 days.:( I still have to put in all the feed for the horse and the perishable foods.

Will be going for antelope next Friday afternoon and hope to pop one off quick Friday afternoon or Saturday so I can be back up here for deer opener on Sunday the 15th. Then my vacation will start when I get off work early on the 25th.
Kraven, I am more than ready. If it weren't for going next weekend for lopes the camper would be completly full. But I need some room for next weekend. I have enough hay cubes and grain to get me through next weekend deer so I don't have to come home and get any.

Hopefull drop the lope off to be ground up and pick up the horses and head to the next camp. Sunday morning head up to where we saw the nice bucks about a month ago.

Thanks Del. I need all the luck one can muster up. It is the first time since 96 I think that I have been drawn for lopes and I have not been able to go down there at all yet. Just looking for some lope burger so I will not be very picky.
Good luck Elky, How good were the deer you saw last month???????????

Any goals that you are trying to reach on the deer?????
Good luck elky. I left that mulie tied to that tree up there. Let me know if you need directions!!!!!!

I wanna see some pics.... Soon....

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Five nice 4x4 bucks up on top. Plenty of water up there and some real thick timber. Mountain meadow seems to strech forever. 1 1/2 hour horseback ride to get there.
Hope it all goes well for you this year Bill!!!
I think I am going to go hunting any way soon and screw waiting around here for another call...These fires have really screwed up a good year of antler hunting and fishing in the hills. I don't think I will let it ruin a good elk season also.... :D