Alberta Moose Hunt !

Bill M

New member
Dec 12, 2001
I drove from Ohio to a friends house in Alberta spending about a week chasing muleys and whitetails with a bow. Its rolling farm country with small pockets of timber.At sun set we saw whitetails,muley's, elk and moose. What a thrill it was for me to lay in a endless rolling wheat field watching all of this unfold. The sun sets were brillant red with the wheat meeting the sky line, Coyotes were howling getting there packs located. Then after a week of that Dean took me into Edmonton and I meet my outfitter [ Don Ayers ] and we took trucks to Swan Hills when the roads gave out we took Argos another eight miles on fair trails then the last eight miles we winched from tree to tree at times to get into camp. A battery operated electric fence surrounded our camp for the Grizzlys.It was pretty slow because the weather was warm and there was a full moon. I was seeing cows and cavles but know bulls. The third day it frosted and we called a bull he started grunting and busting brush as he rushed in. It was so thick all you could hear was breaking brush, what a rush! He winded us at the last minuite and all you could hear was his palms hitting trees as he ran away. Day six we walked in and made a few calls then worked over to a steep drop off a cow and calf was standing at the bottom but no bull. We watched them till they moved off and then we started back tracking, just as we started around a corner here comes a bull down the cut line. At 60 yards he turns broad side and I pop him with a 300 grain 375. When I walked up to him I couldn't believe how big they our. It took Roger and myself four hours to quarter him up and then we cut a trail into him and loaded him in the Argo. They thought he would weigh in at 1200 lbs [ there abouts ] I ended up with around 600 lbs of meat. It cost almost $700.00 to get it cut and frozzen, kind of pricey but what the hay thats part of it. He measured 36 inches on the in side nice tines and palms Im very well pleased with him. Timberwolves would come with-in 50 yards of camp and howl and grizzly tracks were huge ! Some days I would be on a cut at five thirty by myself when it started getting light I would try to put a down tree top or heavy brush to my back , I know very little about bears, and its a $10,000.00 fine if you shoot one. They said if you have to shoot one he had better have powder burns on his fore head. I seen a number of bulls as the days went on I was running a chainsaw and had one come into that. Out of seven hunters three in my camp there were six bulls killed. The fellow that didn't get one had a knee problems and was unable to hunt alot of days. For $4500.00 its a bargain of a hunt, not a cake walk but anyone could handle it. Sunday morning I left Edmonton and four days later I was home. I drove from Medicne Hat to Havar Montana never seeing a car infact they closed the border gate as I came across.Then as I come east I must see 200 cars a mile what a bummer ! I meet alot of new friends and had a great time, in all I spent around ten minuites at the border coming and going. Bill
sounds like a great time--congrats--I'd make powder burns on a grizz's head after the fact--no sense becoming fertilizer, would ruin one's day--chris