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Alaska's stand on Wolves


Feb 18, 2002
Saw on headline news yesterday they are going to start to shoot wolves from planes to help the moose population, does anyone else know more about this???
The Board of Game recently approved a plan to start predator control in the McGrath area. People from that area have been asking for the state's help for years now, due to the decline of the moose population. The plan, using state employees in helicopters, still has to be approved by our governor. There is talk of using the same type of plan in other areas of the state where predation has decreased moose and caribou populations.
Units 1, and 3-5 decrease the hunting season length by 2 months to Sept.1-Mar. 31, and the trapping season length by one month to Nov. 10-Mar. 31.

On the other hand the Board just cut us back 2 months on hunting season !!!!!

For no biological reasoning what-so-ever.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think they were going to kill the predators (bears and wolves), but they were going to sedate them w/ a tranquilizer, collar them, and relocate them to a different area. The plan is an effort to increase the population of moose by fifty (short term). If the state has noticeable success, they will indeed implament the same process in other areas of the state. I didn't think the state was going to eradicate the critters...maybe I missed the last update on this issue.
Actually Jim, they are just gonna dart the bears and relocate. Wolves are fair game according to this plan. They also approved (now its up to the gov) a similiar pred control in the nelchina area.

I'm all for it, something has to be done. Personnally, I wish they would let hunters work it out. If they authorize either aerial shooting or land and shoot for hunters it would help. Kinda on the same lines as meat bou hunts in the winter (land and shoot). SAve some money and I'm sure it would work pretty good.
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