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Alaska Spring Bear Hunt - Report #3

Bill Hefner

New member
Dec 17, 2000
St. Petersburg, FL USA
2001 Spring Bear Hunt #3
Friday, April 20, 2001
5:22 pm EST

About an hour ago I got a phone call from Tony Lee, my Alaska outfitter buddy. He said his guide was just starting to skin the 3rd and last bear from this group of hunters. This bear measured about 8’6”. The hunter took it from about 150 years with a .338 and a 210 gr. Nosler. It was on a fresh moose kill.

Two days ago (Wednesday, April 18th) they took 2 bears. Both were on moose kills. One was 8’8” and the other was 8’10”. One was shot with a .338 and the other with a .375 H&H. Both bears were taken from less than 80 yards. In fact, one was taken at 30 yards and heard the hunter & guide and started walking toward them to investigate when it was shot. Incidentally, Tony carries a .330 Dakota with 220 gr. Swift A-Frame for back up.

Luckily, the weather is holding for now. Clear skies and a nice “spring” day with temps up past 40 degrees. Earlier in the week Tony couldn’t fly for 2 days. Then, when he did get airborne he saw 3 bears in just over 2 hours. It looks like the gallons-of-aviation-fuel-per-bear is way down this season.

Hunting is over for this group and tomorrow they’re going ice fishing. Then it’s Cholesterol Night with tempura pike, tempura onion rings, and tempura anything else they can find to cook in lots of hot oil.

So far this season it’s 5 bears for 6 hunters. There’s another party of 3 hunters arriving next Tuesday for 10 days and then the last 2 hunters arrive the first week in April. I’ll keep you posted on their success when I hear from Tony again.

Bill Hefner
St. Petersburg, FL
Thanks for the update, Bill. Sounds like exciting hunting. Cholesterol night sounds good too.

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Hey, glad you enjoy the reports. I guess I have too much free time on my hands. I'm practicing semi-retirement and it feels real good.

I haven't heard from Tony on his 3rd group of hunters yet. He should give me a call any day now and I'll try to get it posted within an hour of his phone call.

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