A win for the Pronghorn

I think this is relevant to this thread.
Hilarious. The auction sounds like a Monty Python skit.

“According to a copy of the tract 194 bid history, PureWest got bidding started in the July 12, 2023, auction at $1 an acre, with the Wyoming Outdoor Council upping the bid to $2.

PureWest countered at $3, then Wyoming Outdoor Council at $4, then PureWest kicked in another buck.

But that’s when things got interesting.

Wyoming Outdoor Council then came in with a bid of $18, more than three times the previous bid, with Kirkwood jumping in with the final and winning bid of $19 and acre.

After the dust settled on the bidding, Degenfelder concluded that his company had overpaid for the tract given that the conservation group had submitted its bids anonymously and Kirkwood had no idea who was behind large overbid that drove the price up.”
I fail to see the humor
No humor in the result. I would have rather seen it preserved. I find humor in any business entering an auction and having no idea what fair value is for the item being auctioned. Lots of clowns in the O&G business, so it’s not surprising.