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A few fish and 1 bird


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Jul 14, 2013
My son and I went out and did some quail and chukar chasing for a few days. Unfortunately the wind was horrendous. My son managed to knock down a single quail. I knocked down a 1 chukar but it hit the ground running and we were not able to find it. :( The hills also seem to be getting steeper for my old legs.
A couple of our favorite spots burned earlier this year which was unfortunate.
We did see 8 or 9 bighorn sheep, mostly ewes but there were 2 rams. One was a young ram and the other was a bit bigger. I'll try to get the pics from my son.
We then went and did a little fishing and did ok on a few rainbows. (y) It was pretty chilly in the a.m. though. We had the 2 little lakes to ourselves which was nice.

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