6 days and a wake up


Dec 13, 2000
Around the corner ,Indiana
Leaving in a week for the selway. This will be my 4th trip in there.

This year I am taking 3 guys with me and 2 other ones are meeting us out there.

One guy went with me last year,one guy has never been out west hunting and the 3rd has never been bear hunting, just elk with a bow.

The other two are from washington and wanted to see some bears.

I takled to the pilot that flys us in last week and he had seen a few bears flying in. thats always a good sign.

If it wasnt for bear hunting, I probably wounldnt hunt much anymore, just do a couple of weeks of deer season and that would be about it.

Just hope for the mule deer tag and elk tag this year.
Jason Lee, i used to spend alot of time in the selway. Still live nearby, but go to other areas nowdays.

Just curious which part you are going to?
Hey Jason, you still comming by this way?
Hope to be able to connect this year if it works out!!!
AHHH Anything with the Name MOOSE hasto be good

Remember ,Take nekid pictures.. Err Lots of PicturesImean
Elkchaser, we should be in your area on satuday around noon, email me your phone number if your going to be there...I will call you when we get close.

Moosie do you know how gay it is to ask another man to take a nekid picture of you when your in the wilderness?
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Moosie do you know how gay it is to ask another man to take a nekid picture of you when your in the wilderness? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Gesh, kiss a guy one time and You're labled gay the rest of your life

Go knock um dead again 'mate !!! Looking forward to the pictures !!
It wouldn't have been as bad as that if you hadn't advertised the fact you used your tounge!!!!
YOU ansi yet bud ?

Which one of the 700 guns you own are you going to kill this years bear with ?
Im doing the whole push to get as much work done in 4 days that I can...going to pass a few Cabelas on the way out and need some cash to buy the toys with

I'm taking a 7rem ultra mag and the 280 ackley.

My gun collection was severly hurt last year when I was trying to get 10,000 together for a motorcycle
Jason Lee as I always I wish you the best of luck. I also think it's very cool that someone on this site gets bear fever as bad as I do.
Someone say Cabelas!?!? Make sure you stop at the one In the one in KC on the way in or out, right next to the new racetrack. It has a killer mule deer museum... as in 90 some Boone and Crockett full body mounts, and the most netting over 300 in any one place. Good luck on your hunt!
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